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November 25, 2021


      When you create love, that love, you create, lives, and it never dies.  When you create joy, joy lives.  It never dies.  When you create doubt, or fear, or worry, these too, never die.  And that makes it possible to be in the midst of plenty, but still have doubt, and worry, and concern, still live in the energy of lack, no matter how much you have.  When you create gratitude, and thanksgiving, gratitude, and thanksgiving, live.  And that makes it possible to live with less, and less, and less, and still live in abundance, because you know gratitude, thanksgiving.  And, as they live, they are ever with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, ponder that which you wish to create.  Reject, outright, that which you do not wish to create.  Even by accident, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety can be created.  And once they are created, they live.  Think about what your thoughts are creating.  Be vigilant about what you are creating.  Focus on a life abundant in love, in joy, in peace, compassion, all the good energies, that you wish to be enfolded within.  And that is where you begin.  Let your mind rest there, in the lap of peace, and love.