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November 7, 2021



      I wish for you to know the power of knowing who you are.  You are My child.  You know the power of knowing who you are, in the physical world, something, a bit, about you parents, or grandparents, or family members.  This knowing gives you power to settle comfortably into who you are.  Now, know you are My child.  Know that your heritage comes from Me.  I AM The Source of your eternal life, and there are great benefits in My Family.  So much is yours, that you are not using, because you do not know who you are, first.  I love you.  You are My child.  Embrace the power, and the comfort, and the love, which I give unto you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Being comfortable, in your own identity, gives you peace, gives you confidence.  And with that comes a power, which allows you to move, through your everyday life, being comfortable with who you are, because you know.  You can move though your everyday life, and into your next phase, of your eternal life, in comfort, and confidence, and knowing, that you are an eternal being, and your heritage is from The Source of All Things, The Creator of All Things, God, your Parent.  When you begin to use this knowing, and wear it, comfortably, no matter where you are going, your life will change, because you know who you are, completely, eternally.