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November 8, 2021


      Before you speak, pause.  Think about what you are preparing to say.  Question.  Is it a blessing on what is happening today?  Is it a blessing on the person, standing before me?  At first, this pause might seem awkward, a bit uncomfortable for you, or the person with you.  That does not matter.  Before you release the words, from your mouth, make sure they are a blessing, not a curse.  The pause is well worth the wait.  It will make the difference in what you are saying, in what you are pronouncing.  Do not hesitate to wait, to pause, to bless the day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Think before you speak.  Better yet, pray before you speak.  Make sure the words you say, are spoken, in such a way, as to pour out The Wisdom of Heaven upon the Earth.  A quick response to something another has said, which could be unsettling, or disturbing, in any way, only adds to the torment of the day.  Bless the world, not curse the world.  Think.  Pray before you speak.