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November 9, 2021



      Perspective, gratitude.  Being able to alter your perspective, even ever so slightly, allows you to see what is happening, in a different light.  Gratitude allows you to grow, in the experience, not wanting what is not with you, but being thankful for that which you have.  These, two things will bring, to the one, willing to practice, altering their perspective, and maintaining gratitude, within them, calm, and peace, no matter what is happening.  With perspective, you can see, through the eyes of all.  You are not locked into one position.  You can move, and change, and adapt to your perspective to see, in a broader scope, rejecting the narrow focus, for a full horizon, where all is available to look, and see, and know.  When you are establishing gratitude, within you, you do not think of what you do not have, you do see what is with you, and are thankful for it.  You do not long for the bag of cookies, when you see one cookie, on a plate, and you are thankful for it.  This gratitude swells, and grows, and replaces expectation.  Perspective, gratitude, they equal peace, they equal calm.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You do not have to live long, upon the Earth, until you notice that no matter what is happening, how much turmoil, how much chaos, is occurring, there always seems to be, at least, one person, who is calm.  And they are able to hold that peaceful presence, no matter what is happening.  It is because they have changed their perspective, and they see the whole.  They do not see it as happening, just to them, it is happening to all.  Their perspective is broadened.  They are not focused on just one piece of the whole.  They see it all.  They also know gratitude, and when there are times of plenty, they are grateful.  When times are leaner, and there is less, they are still grateful, for what they have.  Always look, with a wide perspective.  Always live, with gratitude, for what you have.  Living, in this way, brings you peace, no matter what comes with the day.  Perspective, gratitude.