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October 13, 2021



      It will bubble-up, from deep within you, and begin flowing, like water, from a natural spring.  It will be The Knowing, that is growing, within you, riding upon The Whisper, and the words I say.  And the words will lead you farther, than you ever thought to go.  And in the rising-up, it will be My hand assisting, and your ascending body will begin to move over the Earth, doing what you were meant to do, from your birth.  My power will fuel you.  The Knowing, of My words and My ways, will take you where you need to go.  You will know, from within, so do not waste time seeking in the world created by man.  Sit with Me, and in quiet, let us begin.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Knowing you carry The Wisdom of God, within you, when fully realized, can be staggering, astonishing, you might even say, unbelievable.  Yet, it is so.  Therefore, believe, for wherever you go, I too go.  I go within you.  Look, and see, and when there is a question, call on Me.