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October 14, 2021



      Today, use your will power to change the world.  Be so focused, on thinking good thoughts, loving thoughts.  Focus on what you say, making sure, in every way, that it is kind, gentle.  Focus all that you do, during this day, in such a way, that it is performed for good.  Let your thoughts stay focused, on creating only good, doing kind things, speaking gentle, loving words.  In this way, you can counter what is being said that is in darkness and shadow.  And the more you concentrate, and focus, the more powerful your intention will become.  You will be balancing, you will be bringing light, you will be changing the world, with the power, of your will, to be The Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is often the case, that you encounter individuals, who want to do something, something important, to change the world, for the better.  And perhaps, that someone is you.  But begin with the simplest thing you can do.  Simple, but thorough, it is.  Focus your thoughts, words, and deeds, on The Light.  Be kind whenever you have the opportunity.  Be gentle, when someone needs the sweetness, of your touch.  Do not let your thoughts wander, here and there.  Keep them focused on The Light.  If you can do this, all day, come the night, you will be prepared to sleep.  And your slumber will be in the arms of angels, because through the day, you changed the world, in what you thought, and did, and said.  Focus your attention.  Change the world today, by using the power of your will, to do so.