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October 15, 2021



      If you dig, into the soil of Earth, farther, deeper, into inner Earth, you will soon realize, by observing, that all that goes on, beneath the soil of Earth, deep within inner Earth, supports the growth, and the life, of that which is above the soil, springs forth from the soil, on upper Earth.  Pay attention to that.  You exist on upper Earth, walking over the soil of Earth, planting in the soil of the Earth, dancing, and playing, and working, on the soil of Earth.  You move over the Earth, but there is an inner you, as well.  And what is going on, within you, deep within you, is meant to be of light, and love, so it can support your growth, as you live, in your skin, your physical body.  Rid yourself of the inner debris, the darkness and shadow, that might be hiding there, so that all that is within you supports your life, not diminish your life, or your light.  Pay attention to what is happening, deep, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you think of your body, your skin, your outer body, you soon realize that what is happening, beneath your skin, is happening to support the life, you are living, as a human being.  And when disease enters, then that which is flowing through your body, and in your body, is diminishing the life, of the human body.  So, you set about seeking out a way to rid yourself of the disease, or the sickness, so that you can live abundantly, again.  This is the way of the body.  You have to pay attention to the inner body, so that the skin, what is shown to the world, is healthy, and happy.  Now, go deeper, go deeper, within you.  Go beyond the tissue, and the muscle, and the blood, and the arteries, and the veins.  Go into your spirit, the spirit that is animating your body, and make sure it, too, is of light, and love, and then, you will truly know peace.