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October 16, 2021



      You will see it.  When your eyes are closed, to the world of man, and you are seeking communion with Me, longing to take My hand, you will see the ball of light, moving toward you, coming out of the night, brilliant, and bright.  And soon, there is no doubt that, this ball of light, is focusing on you, coming to you.  It is My Light, it is My Spirit, it is My Love, it is My Power, it is My Glory, and it is coming to you, because it is what I give you.  And soon, as it is drawing nearer, and nearer, you realize this is not happening outside of you.  You have closed your eyes, and focused on Me, and now, from deep, within you, I AM with you, in a brilliant light, filling you with My Power, so that you might know My Glory, so that you might know My Story, as it is intertwined with your own.  See The Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you know The Power of Prayer, your time in prayer is longer, it is deeper, it sustains you.  Pray often.  Close your eyes, and go, within.  The Spirit of God is within you.  Take all your problems, your troubles, your questions, there, and let The Power of God flow through you, because then, and only then, can you come to know The Glory of God, within you, as you walk upon the Earth.