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October 17, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out My hand.  I whisper your name.  I call you to rise-up, and walk, with Me.  Let us walk in the garden, that you know as Earth, and I will whisper, and show you things, talk about the unseen things, which created that which you see.  The power of the unseen, bringing forth, temporarily, something that is seen.  Come let us walk, together, today.  You will see Earth in a different way.                                

      “I wish to share something with you, today.  You know, because you have heard, or been told, or seen movies, or read in Scripture, that I often set Myself aside, that I withdrew, that I sat in prayer, or knelt in prayer, or stood in prayer, connecting, always, with God.  This is how you can sustain yourself, as you walk upon the Earth.  It is important, for you to remember, that the body, that you prize, as so important, does not give life to the soul, to the spirit, that is you.  It is the other way around.  The soul, the spirit, that is you, is the only thing eternal about you.  Yet, you find it so easy to ignore the eternal, and focus so completely, and fully, on the temporary.  It is distracting, and I know it can be distracting, this world of the seen.  But there is a way, which I believe, can help you spend more time in the sacred space of prayer, in the unseen realm.  And it is to look, at the creations of God, all about you, in a sacred way.

      “When you see a wonderful piece of fruit, on a bush, or a shrub, or a tree, you are seeing it, but the next step, to helping you move, from the seen, to unseen, is to take that piece of fruit, in your hand.  Hold it. Feel it.  Close your hands around it, and hold it, as a treasure.  For a few minutes cherish this creation, which came from God.  The unseen power that put all of this creation into action, in the first place, is God, and the power that did it, that still fuels it.  Begin to go from the seen, into the realm of the unseen, with your gratitude, and thanksgiving, for what you are beholding.  In this way, the seen does not stay so much a distraction, because you, with your will, are taking this piece of fruit, and moving into the unseen, with your energies, and your exploration, and experience, of gratitude, and thankfulness.  You can do the same thing with anything that you see, God’s creation.  It can be a worm, an earth worm, but look at it, in a sacred way, and move into the unseen realm, with thanksgiving, and gratitude, for all that this worm does in the Earth.

      “Whatever God has created, that which you see, does not necessarily have to be a distraction, taking you away from the sacred space of prayer, in the unseen realm, of God.  Begin to notice the connection between the unseen, and the seen, that is nature, God’s creation, towering trees, majestic mountains that are God’s cathedrals.  Make the connection.  Pray often.  Hold gratitude, and thanksgiving, upon your heart.  Realize what is temporary, and what is eternal, and begin spending more time with that which will last forever.”