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October 17, 2021



      Your soul, and the spirit, that is you, are both unseen.  Your soul, your spirit, is unseen, yet it is eternal, and real, and powerful, and majestic.  Your body, with its muscle, and sinew, and blood, veins, and organs, is seen.  You see all the pieces of your body, or at least you can see them, yet your body is temporary.  There is not one thing, about your body, that will live forever.  Yet, you are greatly attached to this body, that you wear, wrapped around your soul, and your spirit.  It is the soul, the spirit that is you, that animates the body, which is temporary.  Yet, you spend so much time, on that which will fade away.  You comb your hair.  You buy, clothing, to adorn the temporary body, trinkets.  You spend more time, furnishing a house, which will also fade away, than you do with the real you, the eternal you, the soul, the spirit of you.  Ponder that.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even when you make a determination, to sit quietly in prayer, moving into the realm of the unseen, and eternal, there are distractions, in the physical world, that pull you out of that sacred space, and draw your attention, and soon the prayers are left, and you are moving around the house, or changing your clothes, or driving, your car, to a destination.  All of these things, which are seen, will fade away.  They are temporary, all of it.  Make the time to sit in the unseen, prayerful, realm, of God.  Get to know your soul, and your spirit will dance, with delight.  Make it a point, before the coming of night, to sit quietly, in the sacred serenity, of the eternal unseen.  It will fuel your physical body, it will nurture your physical body, during your time upon Earth.