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October 12, 2021


      For many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, leaves are falling, around you.  It is the season, and it is time, for the leaves to leave the branches of the tree, and ride the wind, for a while, and then fall to the Earth.  Notice, that if the wind is blowing, strongly, the leaves are twirling, and swirling, and flying, and scattering everywhere, landing rather far from the tree, from which they fell.  But then notice, if there is but a gentle breeze, the leaves seem to float to the ground, with ease, slowly, swaying, as they go.  If you are caught in the autumn of your years, upon Earth, right now, you are very colorful.  The colors, of all that has come to you, in the years before, have created this hue, this color, and it is distinct, and different, from each leaf, there is something different.  And there is something different within each of you, a different piece of the whole.  If you are caught in the storms, or a mighty wind, you will land exactly where you are meant to be.  And if you find yourself in calm, and tranquility, you will float, peacefully, to where you are meant to be.  And you might look up at the tree, where once you did dwell, and see it standing, majestically, bare, open.  Its trunk, and limbs, and branches, bare, bones, if you will, showing the strength, showing the majesty, of the tree. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When change is upon you, embrace the change, and go with the change that is for you.  If you resist the change, you will stay put, and you will not know, where you are meant to be.  So when change is with you, release like the leaves, from the branches of a tree, and ride The Wind, or gently sway, as you fall, to where you are meant to be, on that particular day.