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October 16, 2023


          Hearing the call, when in the stillness of morning, brings you to stand tall.  Be quiet, and there it is again.  It is Me whispering, just for thee.  My child it is Me.  It is Me in the falling leaves, as they float to the ground.  It is Me in the song of the birds, encouraging you to sing.  It is Me in the rising and setting of the sun.  It is Me.  Look around.  Can there be any doubt that it is Me calling out for you to meet Me in nature?  For it is there I AM most naturally found.  Meet me in the rolling meadow.  Meet me at the shore as waves arrive and depart.  Meet Me in the thunder of a storm.  Meet Me in the quiet of a baby’s smile.  You can meet Me every minute of the day, if you will only be still, and not look away from all that is living around you.  I AM calling, and I AM calling you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           If you encounter a patch of sand, stop, and watch ants moving, carrying things more than twice their size and weight.  They are performing miracles for you.  Be still.  Stop.  Look and see as eternity continues its beautiful parade of all that is, into forever.  And it is all happening now, eternity continuing with you, now.  Stop and look and see.