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October 15, 2023



          Do not allow the desire to retaliate consume you, drying up the river of love within you, until you are course and brittle.  For My child, this is not The Way.  If you will come and sit with Me, we will look and see the truth in the matter, which is boiling up, and rolling over your heart, hardening it, until it too becomes weakened, stiff, unyielding.  If you feel as if you are headed in that direction, stop.  If you know you have already encountered the consequences of indulging in retaliation, be still.  Do not offer excuses.  Do not protest, nor deny.  Just be quiet, and sit with Me.  I will not commiserate with thee.  I will love thee until there is no remnant of retaliation left within thee.  This will happen after we sit, and I speak, and you listen, until you hear Me with you soul, heart, and spirit, until you see the truth, as it is.  Then, judgment will slip from you, replaced by the wisdom and light of love.  Come and sit with Me.         

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You will learn more, and find a deeper peace, while sitting in quiet, with God, rather than stomping in anger.