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October 17, 2023


          Do not cling to that which has been, forsaking the present piece of eternity with you.  I will whisper when it is time to linger, learning more, in that familiar place, with familiar people.  And when remaining, cherishing is the teacher, you will know.  But you will also know when the whisper is guiding you to go.  When you treasure that which is with you, and carry that memory, adding it to your book of wisdom, you are at peace.  There is no concern about the past, or the future.  You are experiencing the present, and from the experience you grow in wisdom.  “How will I know it is really You, really time to stay or to go?”  You will ask.  And I will answer.  Stay close to Me.  Get to know Me as I know you.  Love Me as I love you.  And in doing so you set the stage for the time of the call.  When the whisper comes, you will recognize The One you love, and rest peacefully as you rise-up to go, or steady yourself to stay, doing both confidently, with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Every day there will come guidance.  Look for it.  Be vigilant for it.  It might be in the unspoken word.  It might be in the song of the bird.  Be open, and you will recognize that whisper, in the silence of your soul.