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October 18, 2023


          Do not harbor the thought that you are walking alone.  For, it is not true.  Go outside, step off the sidewalk and onto the grass.  Every stance you assume has a feeling all its own.  The sidewalk, under your feet, is firm.  The grass, under your feet, is soft.  Sit on a park bench, and it is relaxing, as you watch birds, flit from branch to branch, and people walk by.  Sit under a tree, with a patch of clover close by, and it is comforting.  Every place you go, you will notice something different.  As you walk today pay attention to what “all that is around you” is offering.  Then, pay attention to what you are offering in exchange.  You are not walking alone.  All my creation is with you.  You are a unique piece of the whole that is the one.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           When isolation seems to be closing in around you, embrace the blanket of solitude, and breathe deeply.