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September 10, 2023


          Do not permit your lifetime upon Earth to be consumed by the negative energies, the lesser energies, the energies that grow when you focus your attention upon them.  Turn your back upon the energies of hatred, jealousy, greed.  Seek the energies that hold great light, love, generosity, kindness, forgiveness.  These examples, of the energies of light, lift you up.  They do not drain you of your energy but magnify that which is in you.  The lesser energies of shadow, feed from your energy, drain you to satisfy their need, their lack.  Refuse to feed them.  Do not take their hand.  Hold out your hand to the light.  For there will come darkness and shadow, but it does not have to invade your house, your soul, your spirit, your chamber.  Watch it pass.  Send it from you and stand in My Light of Love for you.  For My Light is your Light.  And your Light is The Light of the World.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You can see the energies coming.  Sometimes, you see them with your thoughts, your feelings.  You begin to think ill of another person, and that thought, if fed, will grow, creating a larger space for you to talk, to whisper, to act, in a way that is not loving toward another.  These feelings, most often, come to you as small, in slow motion, until you are willing to reach out and embrace it.  And it grows.  And, you know it.  And it moves through you, and you shine less for it.  Remember God has given you the gift of free will.  Remember the powerful being you are.  Nothing can be with you, or stay with you, without your invitation to make it so.  So, send it from you.  Watch it leave and know that you are the master of your domain.  You hold the key.  Protect that which is within thee.  Watch it, see it, know that it has come, and with power, let it go.