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September 11, 2023


          When all things seem to fail you, when you look around, and no one is standing next to you, but air, when the tears you cry in the night roll down your cheek, and wet the pillow beneath your head, be still, breathe in and out, and whisper My name.  For, I AM with you.  I AM with you in the times which appear to be the fall, the failure.  I AM with you in the air around you when it appears you are standing alone.  I AM with you in the night, catching the tears, which do not touch the pillow.  I AM with you.  When you are still and quiet, we will speak.  You will hear the stirring, from within, and harken to the call.  And during our precious communion you will come to understand that all falls, all failures, can be the great lessons, which will leave you in the lap of wisdom.  You will come to realize, and recognize, Me in the air around you.  Your tears will cleanse you, and free you from the soil and the debris of hurt and rejection.  When you sit with Me, you rise-up healed, and whole, just the way you are.  I AM with you, just The Way you are.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           There is much to learn from the fall, from failure.  And, in the learning of the lesson, you will see that the fall, failure, is filled with grace, and life, and freedom.  If you look around and find not one person standing with you, using the grace of the fall, failure, will lead you to knowing God fills the air you breathe.  God is with you and within you.  So, you are never alone.  And when tears wash your face, and dampen your pillow, you are cleansing yourself, washing the face of your spirit and soul.  And during that dark night, when it appears you are all alone, in your tears, the lessons of the fall, failure, will lead you to know The Hand of God is wiping your cheeks, kissing your tears, loving you as always and forevermore.  Be still and receive, fully, The Presence of God, with you, and within you.