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September 12, 2023


          What an adventure today can be, especially if we walk together.  We will take the unexpected path.  We will climb the inviting hillside.  We will wade into the moving waters of a stream.  We will sit in the grass, our backs against a wise old maple, and listen to the symphony of birds, insects, and the wind, moving through the trees.  We will do all of these things and more, closing the door, leaving behind the mundane, to run through a meadow and be free once again.  So, do not tarry in the shadows of night.  Sunlight heralds the new day.  Come, and walk with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Sometimes, the only thing to do is to rise-up from the mundane, and walk through the doorway, into the light of a new day, accepting the adventure in every way.  This is such a day.  Follow the light of the sun.  It will show you The Way.