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September 13, 2023



           When the shroud of doubt settles upon your shoulders, making the weight of the day even heavier than before, reach out your hand and your heart, your soul, and your spirit to Me, and I will reach for thee.  I will lift the mantle of doubt from you, within the communion of our coming together.  You will find it impossible to doubt, while you walk and talk, sit and grow with Me.  Here, allow Me to lift that weight, and feel freedom flow around you, so that in the air of union, we are one.  And My daughter, My son, within Me there is no doubt, only truth.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           While walking upon Earth, it is easy to forget that which you know.  Remembering can be evasive, as one clings to the information absorbed during the Earth experience.  And it is most often, in such times, when doubt invades the spirit, that doubt takes hold.  But just because the energy of doubt enters, it does not follow that you entertain the energy, that you embrace the energy.  Doubt clouds The Way, so you must push through, sending doubt from you, until you see with clarity, once more.  I AM within you so you will always know The Way.  Listen, I AM speaking, and My words and wisdom will illuminate truth, revealing the energy of fear, carried in doubt.  Cast doubt from you.  Cast it out and live without fear.