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September 14, 2023



           When all else fails to bring you peace, sit by a gently flowing river, and breathe.  Allow your thoughts, your wounds, your pain, to slip into the river, and ride the current, until there is peace, once again.  It is within the river of life you are held, suspended, as your body surrenders to all that is happening, and you float.  You float, when at one time, so ladened with hurt, you would have slipped beneath the waters, down, down into the abyss.  But now, you allow the flowing river to remove all that is weighing you down, carrying it away from you, gently, as the tender stroke of a mother’s hand, upon your brow.  Do not doubt the power of the cleansing, healing waters of the river.  For, as you sit beside her course, reclining on the bank, your spirit is doing the same, in The River of My Love, for you.  Gently, sweetly, all that is of pain to thee will be washed away, and you shall be free, body, spirit, and soul.  Your heart will remember, but differently than before.

And The Holy Spirit says:

            I whisper.  You hear Me.  There is a stirring, from within, and you recognize the pull.  It is the beckoning, and in the remembering, you rise from whence you could not rise, before.