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September 13, 2022



      Care for your spiritual body with the equal enthusiasm, that enthusiasm you employ, when you are caring for your physical body, molding it, shaping it, feeding it, tending to it, so that it will serve you well.  Tend to your spiritual body, in the same way.  Strengthen the spiritual muscles, by practice.  Practice love, kindness, understanding, forgiveness.  And do it even when it is uncomfortable: forgiveness, love, kindness, compassion.  These things will serve you well, as you practice, and your spiritual muscles get stronger, and stronger.  And soon, it is quite easy to forgive, without question, and to forgive even those who do not believe they require any forgiveness.  Strengthen your spiritual body, for it will serve you well.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      Doing all the things required to create a body, a physical body, that is strong, healthy, enduring, this is important.  For, your body will serve you well, as you are upon the Earth, if you take care of your body.  But your spiritual body, the spirit that is you, will live forever.  Do not let it grow weak.  Practice so that you might be strong, spiritually, and physically, so that your physical body does serve you well, until you are called Home.  But your physical body, and your spiritual body, can work hand in hand, as that is how it is meant to be.  So, do not ignore that important body that is thee, the spiritual body.  Let the physical body serve you, the spirit that is you, and your life, upon the Earth will be one of joy, peace, happiness, and contentment.