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September 14, 2022



      There are those, who are called, to come to the mountaintop, and they hear the call, and rise-up, and go.  They go unprepared.  They go not knowing the way they are to go.  Yet, they go, and begin, the ascent.  And the way can be difficult, and challenging, and often, they slip, and fall, and rise, to begin the climb, again.  They are called to go first, to make ready the way, so the path will be marked, and easier to climb, as others are called, in their time.  If you are called, to make ready the way, rise-up, and be assured, that even though the challenge will be difficult, and there will be distractions, to sway you away, from the climb, up the mountain, you are already prepared to make it.  You are prepared, from within.  You are to leave your mark, as you climb, climbing higher, until your ascent brings you to the peak, where you look back, and see where you have been, from the perspective of where you are, when you reach the top of the mountain.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When word comes back, that others have reached the mountain peak, and then, you too, are called, to rise-up, and climb, make sure you trust the path marked for you.  Make sure you know the way is made clear for you, by one who holds your faith.  Then, as you go, the silent prayer will be for those who went before you.  And there, in the quiet, of the climbing, to the peak, you will hold a prayer for those who went before you, and for those who will follow.  Those who will follow will find it easier to climb, because you have marked the way, by your progress.  You have left behind the energy of the body, the physical body, clearing, making it obvious which way to go.  And you have left behind the energy of prayer, which will envelope, and hold, each pilgrim, climbing there.  Continue, day, and night.  Climb.  Answer the call.  When you reach the peak, you will know, that it was worth every effort, to see, what you could not see, before.