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September 12, 2022



      You do not see it, yet you know it.  You know it, from within.  From within your being, there at the core, spirit, soul, you know it all.  You know what is around each bend.  There is no need for you to see it, because, you know it.  As The Source of The Knowing, springs forth from Me.  My Holy Spirit is within thee.  And as you seek to know the truth, as you walk the path of an enlightened being, the place you will find, all that you can see, is within thee.  There within, is the recognition.  And the recognition sings-out, and you know, because it is within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The journey within is a beautiful mystery.  When you sit long enough, in silence, a peace wraps around you, as a gentle shawl, reminding you, that this journey within has nothing to do with the world around you.  You are taking it so you can go, and see, and know.  The Wisdom of God is within you.  Be still, and go, and see, and know.