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September 11, 2022



      Do not permit fear to scar your journey.  Do not permit doubt to cloud the clarity of your vision.  When you know, I AM with you, there is nothing to fear, and My truth, with you, melts away all doubt.  To clear yourself of fear, and doubt, know I AM with you.  And since that is so, there is nothing to fear, there is no place for doubt.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many things, which can be taken from you, during your life upon Earth.  People, whispering in shadows, or out in the open, can take away your good name, for a while, in the secrets they tell, in the lies they speak.  A thief, in the night, can come, and steal your possessions.  A catastrophe might happen to bring the house, that you considered your safe place, crumbling around you.  There are many things which can be taken from you.  And, in each of those things, that can be taken from you, you have no control over what others will do.  But when you are the master of that which you feel, and know, you can cast any fear away from you, and you can shake doubt from your heels, proclaiming the truth, that God is with you.  There is no need to fear.  There is no need to doubt.  And no matter what happens to you, at the hands of another, it cannot make you afraid.  It cannot strip you of the truth.  Do not tarry in the wasteland of fear, and doubt.  Rise-up, in The Light of God, and cast them from you.  Cast them out.


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