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September 11, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM walking with you.  Because you believe I AM with you, and walking with you, your day unfolds differently.  It reflects the knowing, within you, trusting, and confident, that I AM with you.  You do not need to understand this mystery, because there will come a time when the mystery is solved for you, a time when it is revealed to you.  But for now, you walk in faith, knowing I AM with you.                       



       “Sometimes, you can stand close to, or on, a railroad track, and see that railroad track stretch far, before you, going so far ahead of you that you cannot see the end of it.  It just disappears over the horizon, or to the right, or the left, but it continues, and you see that.  Sometimes, you stand on a road, and the road stretches far before you.  You cannot see the end of it.  It just disappears over the horizon, or around a bend, to the right, or left.  Sometimes, you stand at the side, the bank, of a river, and the river goes on, and on.  You cannot see the end of the river.  It disappears over the horizon, around the bend.  There are many things that you see, you know, but at the time you see, and know, the sight of what you see, and know, is not revealed to you.  But you know it!  The railroad tracks, you know they continue, even if you cannot see them.  The road, the river, it is the same.  You need not see to know.

        “Your life upon the Earth is meant to be a great adventure, a mission, a journey.  And you are on the Earth for a reason.  It is not accidental, nor is the time you are upon Earth accidental.  You are especially created, your spirit, your soul, especially created to be where you are, right now.

        “When there is no doubt, or fear, within you, you will put your foot upon the railroad track, and walk, knowing that, if you are there, at that railroad track, at that time, with it stretching before you, you are to walk it.  Same with the road.  Same with the river.  There are many situations, which come to you, in your life, upon Earth, which require faith to step onto the track, or the road, or into the river.  When you know God is with you, The Holy Spirit is dwelling within you, that you can sing with Me, and talk with Me, as you walk, every day, you are not afraid to step onto the tracks, or the road, or into the river.  There is no doubt clouding the clarity of your vision.  But when doubt begins to slip in, mostly through the voices of others, distracting you from your mission, that doubt robs you of the glory of completing your mission, of writing your own story. 

        “Do not give fear a place, within you.  For, what can you fear?  If you know your life is eternal, how can you fear death of the physical body, the earthly body?  You are moving on.  If you know that you are being guided by The Holy Spirit of God, within you, how can you doubt The Way?  If you wish to change the course of your life, so that it is filled with joy, and peace, and contentment, drive the spirits of fear from you, drive the spirits of doubt from you, and do not listen.  Those voices, within your head, if they are planting seeds of doubt, or seeds of fear, they are not The Voice of God.  God says, ‘I AM with you, and if I AM with you, what do you fear?  How can you fear?’ 

       “These are two important things.  Spend the rest of this day thinking on this, and praying on this, and accepting this.  Rid yourself of fear, and doubt, and everything that comes to you will all work out, just as it is meant to be, standing in The Light of God, free of doubt, free of fear, ready to meet the destiny that is yours.  Come, let us walk, together, into this new day.  I will whisper, and you will know The Way.”

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