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September 10, 2022



      Loose your hands from your money, loose your hands from your possessions, loose your hands from your pockets, and open your arms, to welcome, that which I send you.  For, that, which I send unto you, is greater than money, and possessions, and the pockets, and the coats you wrap around you.  My love flows, without measure, to each of you.  Embrace it, because, My love, My love, is your wealth.  My love holds the riches, of The Kingdom.  My love will guide you, and lead you, through all challenges.  My love will lift you up, when you have fallen.  My love will be the wings, beneath you, so that you might fly, where you could not walk, before.  Loose, your hands, and take Mine.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are not walking, upon Earth, alone.  You are walking, with God.  There came One, to be The Living Word, to show you how to walk, upon the Earth.  Do not forget Him, for He showed you The Way.  And he did not hold money, and possessions, and the riches of Earth, in high esteem.  He opened His arms to those in the margins of society, to the wounded, to the disgraced, to the fallen.  He opened His arms, and delivered, The Grace of God.