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September 9, 2022



      Resist the temptation to find fault with others.  Look for the good in others.  For, that which you seek, you will find.  If you are seeking to find fault, with others, that is what you will find.  And if you are seeking to find good, in others, that is what you will find.  Focus on the good, not only in others, but in yourself.  For, that, which holds your focus, grows.  When you are speaking with others, speak highly of the gifts, in which they excel.  Recognize the good, and only the good.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many times, as you walk outside, in the early morning, when the dew has kissed the ground, in the light of a rising sun, you will notice a sparkle, coming from a blade of grass, there on the ground, before you.  Now, you can pass it by, and not say, or think, one thing.  But oh, the rewards you will find, if you stop, and acknowledge, the shining, of the dewdrop, held in the light of the sun.  Look at it.  See the sparkle, and the color, green, blue, purple.  Focus on that shining drop, resting on a blade of grass.  And once you notice it, and focus upon it, you find there is not just one dewdrop, shining in the grass.  There is two.  Then you see three, and four, and more.  And soon, you notice the sparkling colors, scattered over the grass, like gemstones.  And after you have studied this, for a while, you continue on your way.  But all through the day you recall the blessing, of the dewdrops, held in the light of the sun.