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September 8, 2022



      When you are feeling the weight of the burden, when a heaviness settles upon your shoulders, there is a way to experience a lightness of being.  That feeling of guilt, within you, can be wiped away, by rising up, and taking responsibility for something you did do, or say.  And, in that acceptance, right from your heart, apologize.  Ask for forgiveness.  Say, “I am sorry,” in the sincerest of ways.  And there, in that instant, when it is all said, and done, the guilt will fade away, and you will rise-up in the sun, light, once again.  When that feeling, within you, is resentment, and will not go away, rise-up, and accept the responsibility of forgiveness.  For, you can send that resentment away, by saying, “I forgive.”  And when it comes from the heart, when it is sincere, and complete, the resentment melts away.  And as you say, “I forgive,” remember, forgive yourself, as well.  You hold the key to release yourself from heavy burdens.  And most often the key is a heart-felt apology, or the tenderness of your forgiveness.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Release judgment from your heart.  There will be times, when you hold individuals to a high measure, a high standard, when the bar is set by you.  And when you set such things in place, there is not much you can do, when others, who love you, and you love them, too, fall short of the measure, and cannot meet the bar.  Do not be tempted to judge another.  Remember, God has not given judgment to you.  Be kind, and compassionate in all you think, say, and do, and the robe of compassion will drape over you, and your days on Earth will be sweet, because all whom you meet, will feel the compassion, and understanding, coming from you.  And it will touch them, and they will find peace, walking with you.