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September 7, 2022



      When that of Heaven whispers to that of Earth, so compelling are the words, that, that of Earth rises-up to see the revelation, the creation, the birth.  And in that moment, bound as one, that of Earth, and that of Heaven sit, together, as one.  And in that sacred space, there is no day, there is no night, there is the coming of The Light.  And in The Light is held the truth.  And in the truth, there is illumination, clarification, the ultimate creation.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no need to travel, far away, to experience the miracle of each day.  Cease the speaking, quiet the tongue, sit in silence, and let it be done.  The Will of God, let it be done.  There is no need for petition.  There is no need for seeking, for all the answers are, within you.  It has already been done.  Be still, be quiet, and sit, in The Light.  There is God: there is The Father, there is The Son, there is The Holy Spirit, within you, as it is all One.