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Father’s Day


         “I AM with you.  I reach-out in answer to your prayers.  I draw near when there is no prayer at all, waiting.  Your prayers, your spiritual conversations, move between the dimensions.  They pass through the veil, and the answers come back through the veil to you, prayers, asking for direction, answers, bringing guidance and direction, guidance and direction for those who are lost, who need assistance, who call for information, who desire to know The Way.                         


         “Today, it is appropriate to speak to you about your father; this word covers a lot of territory, and many people can fill the role of a father, at different times in your life upon Earth; but, to truly understand where you come from, it is necessary to be open, and willing, to move back through the generations, to understand: the male component of who you are; from whence you came; what you carry within you, in the physical DNA. 

         “The body, the human body, which you know now, did not just happen without meaning.  Hundreds of generations, even more, were involved in the creation of who you are today.  That is why it is important to understand your background, your history.  Do not pass-up this opportunity, if it presents itself to you, because… in understanding your line, your ancestry… you begin to appreciate, at a deeper level, who you are, on the physical level.  This is important.  Take some time today to do this, begin first by honoring your biological father, the male component of who you are; and then, be willing to go deeper, to discover rich, full information about all those who have assumed that role, from time to time within your life upon the Earth; and then, if you are willing go further, go back, even if you did not know your great-great grandfather, or even beyond that, it is possible for you to find a name, locate a country, find dates.  Know something about your past, because the past, lives, within your present body, now!

          “One of the greatest examples of a step-father, one who took the space of a biological father, is Joseph, the step-father, the earthly father of Jesus.  He fulfilled that position, so that Jesus could see, growing-up, the male figure, and understand the role a bit better.  Another example of a good father is the father described in The Parable of the Prodigal Son, a father who knew his role so well that he was willing to let his son go, to discover what he needed to know on his own; and then, when all was done, to welcome the child home again into loving arms.  This example of the father, in The Parable of the Prodigal Son, represents your Heavenly Father, The Ultimate Creator, your Eternal Parent, who loved you so much you were let go to travel to Earth, and once your journey upon Earth is done, your spirit will return Home to loving arms.  So, as you follow the trail from man to man to man, going deeper into generations of the past, you will ultimately end-up at the door of your Spiritual Father, The Creator of All Things.  And, the perfect way to honor your Eternal Parent today is to quietly speak these words…

          “Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.  Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread; and, forgive us, our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is The Kingdom, and The Power, and The Glory forever, and ever.  Amen.”



      With practice and prayer, you will soon become aware of the “un-
seen!”  It will become just as familiar to you as the seen; and, once you
become familiar with the unseen, you will realize that the seen is often
deceptive.   The seen …  can  sometimes  lead you astray …  off the path;
but,  the  unseen,  once  it  is  familiar,  will  lead  you  along  The  Way!

                                    And The Holy Spirit says:

      It takes practice to become aware of that which is termed unseen; how-
ever,  once you are aware of the unseen,  you find it fits you like a glove;
is close to you, because it moves you, and touches you, from within!   That
which you cannot see is often more powerful than that which you can see.
Set  your  goal  to  knock  on  the  door  of  that  which  is  unseen!



      Sometimes it is difficult to make your way through the day, espec-
ially when you feel alone, or temptations flood you with anxiety, worry,
and concern.  Knowing this, be the bringer of peace  to those you see walk-
ing through that valley.    Do not hesitate to smile.    Do not hesitate to stop
and speak a kind word.   Do not hesitate to reach-out your hand, or enfold
someone in your arms.   When you see  the need,  be  the  bringer of peace.

                                   And The Holy Spirit says:

      From time to time, each one upon the Earth is in need of support
and encouragement.  Sometimes that one is you; and, when it is you,
you come to know how fulfilling,  how promising,  how comforting
a smile, a kind word, or a hand to hold, might be, in times when you
feel alone.   Since you “know,” this, be the provider  of this comfort
whenever you are given the opportunity.  Be the bringer of peace!



      Hear Me, and you will know My ways, and My ways will bring
you confidence, and strength, all the days you walk upon the Earth;
for, when the storms rage to your right, you will be the peace; when chaos
and confusion rule to the left, you will be the wisdom.  Listen to Me, hear My
words,  and  My  ways  will  become  your  ways,  and you will not be distracted!

                                      And The Holy Spirit says:

      Every day holds temptation to distract you from a mission
you have come to Earth to do.  You are an important piece of The
Divine Plan.  Do not lose track of, or become disconnected from, Home
Base; for, the messages sent to you from Home will settle peace within your
heart, and your spirit will be renewed in confidence, and you will walk over the
Earth  in  peace,  and  wisdom,  all your days…  until  it  is  time  to  return…  Home!



      When you care for others, you are a blessing to others.  You
are My hands, holding My child for Me.  You are My hands, car-
ing for My child for Me;  but,  My hands desire to care for thee,
as well.  Rest!  Be still in My love, and feel My light fill you with
delight;  for,  when you are rested,  you become an example: of
well-being, of health, and happiness, spiritually and physically.
Therefore,  your words are not empty.   You live the instruction,
you follow The Way; therefore, Spirit lives in you, and your body
follows, in good health

                                And the Holy Spirit says:

      Celebrate!  Celebrate that your spiritual life is rich, and
do not neglect it; for, it is important.   When it falls to you
to care for another,  be sure to care for yourself first,  then
you can be the example  that lights The Way,  that shows
The Way, and you words will be full, and rich, and promis-
ing,  because your light  will shine  for others,  every day!



      Be patient when you encounter the roaring lion, with a thorn in
its paw.  Be still: until it is time, until the lion presents the paw; and
then be calm, and extract the thorn!  Be at peace!  Carry My peace!

                                        And The Holy Spirit says:

      You will encounter many individuals who are upset, angry, or sad,
for many reasons.  Sometimes, you will not know the source of the anger,
the frustration, the sadness, the grief.   Be patient, and be still;  and,  in this
vironment, the time will come when you can calm the pain, with the
balm of love!

      Go into this day in peace, remembering who you are.  Before you
step-out into the world, take a deep breath, and fill your lungs
with the oxygen of Earth.  As you breathe-in deeply, see your
inner-being filled with the presence of The Holy Spirit, The
Holy Spirit I sent unto you.  The breath and The Holy Spirit
are both life!  Your breath will sustain you, until your time on
Earth is finished; but The Holy Spirit will be with you forever, It is
eternal life!  Go forth today, and be aware of your physical life
through breath, and your spiritual life through The Holy Spirit!

                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Come, I AM with you.  I will fill you with wisdom to see The Way
clearly today, to understand that you have the opportunity to be the
bringer of peace, all throughout the day.  Acknowledge your breath,
acknowledge My presence, and take shelter and comfort under My wings,
as I lift-you-up to see all things through, the eyes of love!