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God SpeaksDo not give anger, even frustration,
a place in your heart; for, it will taint
that which you do, and dim the light,
within you!  And The Holy Spirit says:
With practice you can be kind in
ery situation.  It will often  require
great  determination  to  do  so;
for the one seeking The
Way,  it is the path  to un-
derstanding, compas-
sion, and









God SpeaksResist
the temptation
to follow the ways of the world,
when the ways of the world seem to approve
words, and deeds, which are disrespectful of others:
for, this is not The Way.  The Way is peaceful, loving,
considerate, and kind.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Because all those around you believe
that something is right,
when your heart
rejects it outright,
follow your heart, for
I can tell you it is never
right  to  be  disrespectful,
unkind,  abrasive  and  abrupt
in any way.  Let your thoughts re-
main  in  the light;  let your words  do
so as well;  let your deeds  show respect,
and in this Way you honor the glory of God.






God SpeaksThere is no need to be abrupt or abrasive
with those who do not agree with your mission;
for, by doing so, your words and actions might
a shadow  over  all the good  you are accomplishing.
Proceed, and follow your destiny,  using understand-
ing,  and compassion,  and kindness,  whenever you
could have used 
a lesser energy.   Make sure your
words,  and  your actions,  match  the intention
set, for your mission!   And  The Holy Spirit
says:  In all ways,  uphold  the honor
of the mission.  In all
ways, be
respectful, toward
freewill choices.
Walk, confidently!   Let
thoughts be of glory,
creation, for the light!  Let
your words follow your thoughts,
and let your deeds  bring  all things
firmly onto the Earth.  In this way, your
destiny  will  be  complete, and your thou-
ghts and your
words and your deeds, blessed!






God SpeaksRe-
fuse to
the one
who holds anger, or hatred
upon their heart;  for,  it is
in this
ner, that you will be led astray!
And The Holy Spirit says: Refuse
the temptation to follow
those who speak
with anger,
hatred for oth-
ers.  Do not be led astray.
Stand in the light of God, and
let the light of God illuminate all
things around you;  for,  those  who
follow anger, and hatred, will ultimate-
ly be
consumed, in the fire of their despair.



God Speaks

Do not permit others
to keep you from your destiny.
Do not listen when they say that, that
which your heart is leading you to do
is impossible to do, for this is not true.
If it is written upon your heart to do,
then all things are possible.  The
completion comes from Me,
and I pass it to you;
are possible
through you!
Think upon that.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Life came forth from God’s creation.
You are the life, you are the creation.  Now,
it falls to you to continue the creation, through that
which you think, and say, and do!  Just because it has not been
done before, does not make it impossible: for it might have fal-
len to you, to be the bringer of the possible!    Think upon that!





God Speaks

Practicing forgiveness
is The Way of the wise; it is,
truly, the path of wisdom; it is
the road to happiness, and joy!
And The Holy Spirit says: There
always be  times,  when
you feel
there is noth-
ing you can do
to alter,
or change,
a situation; but,
I tell you there is!  The only
thing that will alter, or change, a
situation from shadow, even darkness, to
the light, is the practice of blessing, and forgiving!





Sunday Sermons
Jan. 6, 2019
The Way
Is To Choose
To Bless, And Forgive


      “I AM with you!  When you open the door, and accept the gift, you hear, and you know Me.  Faith is the seed, planted within you, that wipes away doubt, and permits you to believe, in the face of all that is taught in the world created by man.  There will be the day when you come to know, that the best guidance, the best direction, in the path to happiness is held within the gift of communication, this trans-dimensional communication, which is often called prayer, reflection, or meditation.  And in these times of stillness and quiet, when you make it your intention, to open to all the possibilities that are yours: you are blessed beyond measure; you are fueled and filled until your cup truly doth runneth over; and you live, as you are meant to live while you are upon the Earth.  

“Living upon the Earth, amongst all the beauty of Earth, the natural wonders, that are all for you, to look and see and know, you still encounter challenges.  These challenges, presented by the ways of the world, can be resolved, often-time dissolved, by the choices you make.    Do not permit the choices made by others to dissolve your joy, the love of life that is within you, happiness.  This is easier to do, when you understand that to experience an emotion: happiness, joy, kindness, compassion, and understanding, and any other emotion you wish to insert at this point, requires, that you make a choice; and, the same thing is true for those shadowy or dark energies.  You must make a choice to be angry, to be frustrated, to be guilty, to be ashamed, to be a tortured soul.  You must choose, and while this statement might sound harsh at first, it is true; and, the beauty of it is, it is true in such a way, which allows you to alter the energies, the experiences, the emotions that you feel, and create, and sustain, and feed within your being; but, before you can begin to master these things, you must understand, each individual creates with their power of creation, that, which they experience.  The same situation can come to many, and there are many different ways to face or experience the situation.  A devastating occurrence can impact the lives of many; but, watch and see, how some master devastation, by going to the well within themselves, and finding a place of peace, where they can be still, and then rise-up above the dust and the clamor, while so many are running in fear or terror.  How does this happen?  It happens with practice, it happens with determination.

“So, I will leave you today with this.  No matter what another has chosen to experience, it does not have to be your experience!  You have been given the gift of freewill, and that extends to the choices you make every day.  While you cannot ‘change,’ another’s decision, another’s experience: by cajoling them, by arguing with them, by pleading with them, you can alter every situation by blessing them, by forgiving them, by releasing, by letting go.  Do not hold-on to that which is not yours.

“You have the opportunity to create; therefore, create light!  It is what you create within your being that will eventually overpower the shadow or darkness created by another.

“There are very few arguments that end with one side saying, ‘you are right;’ but, every argument will end, if there is one person who could be engaged, but chooses to be still, to see, to know, and forgive!

“Use your freewill choice to choose The Way!  It is the road to peace, happiness, and fulfillment!”