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God SpeaksEvery time
you deny yourself
the use of anger, or frus-
tration, greed, speaking-ill
of others, fear and doubt
you gain love, and
and wisdom,
and compassion,
and understanding; and,
it can be visa-versa, as well.
Choose wisely that which you will
use; for, you cannot use them both at
the same time.  Make the choice, and
stay in the light.  And The Holy Spirit
says: The doors of the heavenly di-
mension are open, and God is
sending you,  a river of
This river
that God sends
unto you, is the source
of life, and it will not bring you down,
it will lift-
you-up, so you float, and you are free!
Choose wisely, that, which you use during the day!






God SpeaksThere will come a day when you realize how exhausting life on Earth can be
when you cling to the insults,  and injuries,  and wounds of the past,  and
carry them with you,  wherever you go.   On that day,  you will rise-up,
and say,  I forgive these things, I forgive this person,  these people.
I forgive all,  so that I might be free!   And in this light,  this rev-
elation, you will fly, you will sing!  And The Holy Spirit says:
It is easy to get used to carrying a load; in fact, you do
not even recognize how heavy the burden might be,
until you set down a piece of it, maybe one, or two, or
three; and then, you realize: your stride is quick, and long;
your whistle is free, it is more like the song of a bird; and then, you
stop, and you set more down, and soon, you look around to see, you have
rid you
rself, of all that was a burden to thee!  Forgiveness is the road to freedom!





God SpeaksThe world around you will attempt to lead you,
and guide you, to influence you on: what to think
and  how  to  think;  what is morally acceptable, and
what is not; what is acceptable attire, and what is not;
what is acceptable food and behavior, and what is not.
Resist the temptation to follow!  You have a compass
within you: it is yours, it is Mine, It will guide you
in the right direction, every time, if you will
close your eyes, and seek the guid-
ance from within.  Your
will not lead you
astray.  Your inner-
compass will show you
The Way!  And The Holy Spirit
says: The world around you can be fickle,
changing often according to the whims of one
person, or a few people, or the demands of many,
and along with these whims,  rules change,  science
changes.  Everything flips back and forth; but, you can
count on your inner-compass  to bring you forth,  out of
any shadow, or darkness, into the light.   Stay connected
with your inner-compass; it will always show you The Way.


God SpeaksLet
of “others,” be a
blessing upon them.  Re-
sist the temptation to judge others.
Open to all the possibilities, and mira
of blessing others.   And  The Holy Spirit  says:
Be the bringer of God’s peace.  Even when an-
other is not standing in your presence, let
your thoughts of them, be blessings
of peace.  Be the bringer
of peace.  Be kind.
Be gentle
in your



God SpeaksEvery step
forward you take
you encounter new terrain.
As you move forward in your lifetime
you encounter new people, new individuals.
And it is the same, with your spiritual life, as you draw
closer to Me, you will hear Me speak to you, and you will know
that, which you did not know, before!  Take a step forward today, and
you will stand on new terrain!  Continue your journey upon the Earth today,
and you will meet those, you have not met before.  Be still, and come to Me, and
I will teach thee, that which you did not know before. And The Holy Spirit says:
Forward progress  is important  in all ways,  in all things  for your growth.
Do not focus on the seen,  and grow only there.   Focus on the un-
seen, and you will find  you are there;  and,  in the beauty
of the seen  and the unseen,  you  will become a-
ware that you are living in the world, but
not of the world, you will do both.
You  will  live  your life  upon
the Earth, “knowing,”
The Kingdom of
God is




God Speaks

Secure in
“The Knowing,”
that you are My child,
secure in the knowing, that
My love for you  doth abound,
go  forth  into this day,  and do not
let another’s chaos shift you,  change
you in any way.  Hold your place, stand
in My light, let My love fuel you, and fill
you with delight.  While all around you
might  toss,  and  tur,n  in  confusion,
My light will show you The Way.
There is no need to adopt
the chaos of oth-
ers, in any
And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you are secure
in who you are, you can
whisper to the storm to sub-
side,  to calm,  and the energy of
the storm,  will feel the power of God
within you;  and, it will be still!   God sent
you love, and that love is the most powerful
energy ever created; it is given, freely to you,
use it well, use it with confidence.  Rise-up, and
use the power of God’s love to still every storm!




God SpeaksBe
Watch.  Wait.
Look for ‘the signs;’
for, they surely will come
to you; and those who are pre-
pared, will know exactly what to do
when the time comes:  for, as you are pre-
you will rise-up,  when the challenge  is
there,  when the opportunity  is there;  and,  because
you have practiced, and prepared,  you will be able to cast
from you  those things that would invade you,  keep you down,
fill you with doubt; and, these things of which I speak, are the things
which you are meant to defeat, and move through the Earth, and all space
and time, victorious, in what was thine to conquer.  It does not matter whether
it is fear, or judgment, or sadness.  It does not matter whether you are fighting
to keep from speaking-ill of others, or being angry.  Child, the battle is with-
in!  Be prepared, pay attention.  Before you reach-out to help others,
calm the storm within, so that you can walk in peace.
And the Holy Spirit says: You know that
which can distract you
from listening to
the ways
of God.
You know
that Achilles Heal,
where it is, and how you can
trip, and fall.  That is what you must master, first of
all.   There is no need to look around to see what you need
to do.  First, take care of that which is within you; and, once you
are prepared, the door will open, and there it will be, your destiny.