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January 1, 2023


      “I AM with you.  Let all you do be filled with the power of these words.  I AM with you.  When you believe these words, you free yourself from all worry and doubt, because you know, I AM with you.    


      “Right now, you are living in eternity.  It is with you.  Eternity is not something out there… in space… unexperienced, until a later time.  Eternity is now!  What will you do with the present piece of eternity that is with you, now?

      “Many temptations will come to you, trying to distract you from living in the present piece of eternity.  And these distractions will attempt to rob you of the glory of eternity, with you.  Thoughts of fear, and doubt, and dread will try to invade the peace, within your head.  Ideas of lack, and illness, and rejection will try to destroy your sacred space.  Be vigilant and know, I AM with you.  No matter where you go, or what you do, or say, I AM with you, every minute, of every day.  So, fear not.  Embrace the boldness of freedom, because that will be your experience, when you know I AM with you.”

      “Celebrate, and rejoice, this day, and all days to come, without fear, or hesitation.  Embrace the present, as the gift it is.  Create from that which is, with you.  Create, and then create, more.  Let your Earth experience be one of creation, from one minute to the next, every hour, every day, creating, as you live, in the present piece of eternity with you.  Sing-out, with joy, as you have been given this day, to experience Earth, to experience eternity, to experience creating.  Accept the gift, from this day forth, holding gratitude upon your heart, singing a song of thanksgiving.  For, freedom is yours, and you are creating peace in the present piece of eternity that is with you.”