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January 15, 2023



      “I AM with you.  I reach out, to you, with a hand: a hand, holding wisdom, and love; a hand, holding forgiveness, for all things, immediately; a hand, seeking you.  For, I will follow you, and walk with you, wait for you, or do that, which is necessary to do, so that you might know Me.      


      “It is as true today, as it was, those thousands of years ago, when I was walking upon the Earth, that fear, and doubt, and worry, these agents, of shadow and darkness, can sneak into your thoughts, and the chamber of your dreams, and disrupt your peace.  And even though they are, all around you, and will try to invade you, you can hold them at bay, can send them away, because you are the master of the landscape, that is within you, your inner sanctuary, the chamber, the place, the passageway, which you travel to sit with The Spirit of God, within you.  And when you are sitting, with The Spirit of God, within you, you cannot be tempted by fear, because The Spirit of God, within you, is love.  You cannot be tempted by doubt, because The Spirit of God, within you, is wisdom. 

      “If you find you are unable to evade these spirits, that are tempting you to turmoil, you have not, yet, reached the point, within you, which is necessary, to sit quietly, with The Spirit of God.  You cannot be cold, when you are wrapped, within a warm blanket of love.  You cannot be hot, when you are standing, in the refreshing spring showers, which fall from the clouds above you.  You cannot feel alone, when you walk out into nature, and hear, the song of the bird, and see, the brightness of the flowers.  You determine what you are feeling, at any given time of your lifetime upon Earth.  But to do this completely, it is necessary for you to be still, and quiet, and know who you are.  You are the master of your destiny.  It was determined so when God gave the gift of free will.  Use your free will to cast from you the agents of darkness, and shadow.  And do it often, during the day.  And continue doing it, until you know, and you feel, that they are all cast away, and you are free.

      “Be at peace, this day.  Be vigilant, this day.  Know that I AM with you, that Heaven is near to you, Heaven is with you.  Stand up and embrace the majesty that is you.  You hold the key, to open the door, to walk into your destiny, and be free.”