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God SpeaksWhen
you are willing
to  revisit  the  past
with the intention of
forgiving all things

you are reward-
ed, you are
with the joy,
and the happiness
it brings; for, you have
cut the cord,  broken  the chain,
released the burdens, 
you were once
carrying, and you  find you are free, again!
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:  It might be difficult
at first to forgive all things,
because there will a piece
of your ego,
that tells you, repeatedly, that you have every
to hold your position;  but,  this does you no good.  Set the
ego aside, and forgive!  Loose the pride, and forgive.  Forgive yourself
and all others; and,
as you do so it is as if you are being filled with helium,
and you rise, and you rise, and you rise.  With each forgiving prayer, you rise-
free from the debris, free from the chains, free from the ties that bound you.




God SpeaksSaying, “Yes,”
to following your destiny,
does not shelter you from what is happening
all around you, it prepares you for what is going to happen,
and what is happening.  Saying, “Yes,” to The Divine Plan, assures mes-
sages and signs flowing to you, so that you will know, which way to go.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Preparing
for a storm, which is approaching,
does not shield you from the storm that falls: upon you; those
who have said, “No;” and those who do not know
what is happening around them:
but, the preparation
assists you,
the storm,
and you are safe,
and  you  are  warm,
when  you  might  have
been  scattered,  and  torn.
Saying, “Yes,” to The Will of God
does not  put you in  isolation;  but,  it
does guarantee that you will know The Way!


Sunday Sermons
December 16, 2018
Yes, To Do
God’s Will Is
The Beginning



      “I AM with you!  As sure as the day passes into night, and night passes into day, I AM with you!  The form of communication we use to contact each other is advanced; yet, it is the most simple form, the wires connect with desire, and the hearts speak as one.  Fuel your desire to draw nearer to God, open your heart to receive the love of God, and the light of God will follow you, and be with you, and within you, wherever you go.  You will walk in the world, and experience the world; yet, you will be enlightened, from within; and, because of this illumination, you will move: free of doubt; sure, of who you are; confident, in the ways of God!  


“So often in the passed years, when we reach this time of year, I speak to you of the occurrences surrounding My birth upon the Earth.  I do so, because it is the perfect time to share what was really going-on, what was happening, beyond the historical dates and places, but more so in the hearts, and written on the faces of those who were taking part to make sure that I was born, that the prophecies would be fulfilled.

“If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you have probably lived enough years to realize that saying, ‘Yes,’ to The Will of God does not guarantee that all things will be perfect for you, or more so than perfect, will look like, you thought they would look like, will unfold like you hoped they would unfold.  No.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ to The Will of God often means that: you will meet resistance; sometimes, those around you, will turn from you; sometimes those around, you will gossip or speak about the things you are doing; sometimes you will have to go to great lengths to complete the task given to you.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ to The Will of God ~ prepares you, ~ for that which is to come.  It does not isolate you from what is happening; it shows you The Way in the midst of what is happening, because you have chosen to take the role of ‘an active participant,’ in the continuation of creation; and, when you say, ‘Yes,’ your role becomes less general, and more specific.  You are now not one of the people in the crowd-scene, you are one, of the main characters: given words to speak, things to do, and places to go.  When My earthly mother said, ‘Yes,’ she did not spend the rest of her life in easy fashion.  When Joseph proclaimed that his intention was to take Mary, and accept the baby as his own, this goodness of his heart did not guarantee an easy life for him.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ threw open the door to the fulfillment of the prophecies; but, saying, ‘Yes,’ was just the beginning.  There was more to do, much more to do.  But, saying, ‘Yes,’ opened the communications between Heaven and Earth, in such a profound way, that signs and visions were a part of the normal day.  That was the change!  They were living in a different way.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ guaranteed the fulfillment of the prophecies, through them!

“So, I speak to you today to encourage you.  Once you say, ‘Yes,’ to God, do not permit temptations to distract you, from that which you are intended to do.  Do not think, because certain situations occur, that you have chosen the wrong way, because:  you will experience Earth; you will experience tears and laughter; you will experience resistance, rejection, difficult times; and sometimes you will begin to feel alone, until you remember, and recall, you have something important to do.  The Will of God has been handed to you, and you have accepted.  The responsibility is with you; but, so too, are choirs of angels, surrounding you, directing you, The Voice of God whispering to you: ‘This is The Way;’ ‘Go over here;’  ‘Rise-up and move to a different place;’  ‘This person, who comes to you today, will be one bringing you the truth.’  This is the type of message that you will receive.  This is the type of guidance you will be given.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ will not protect you from the chaos of the world, it will prepare you to ‘Master,’ all that the world presents to you, so that you might complete your destiny, and return Home!”

God SpeaksDo
not be
tricked in-
to believing that
you have no time to pray.  You
can speak with Me when you are walking.
You can speak with Me when you are driving.
You can speak with Me when you are dres-
sing,  or cooking.   There is always  time
to speak with Me; for,
I always have
time ~ to speak ~ with thee!
And The Holy Spirit says:
There will be times,
during your life-
time upon Earth,
when you feel, you
are too busy, to stop, that
you must complete a project,
that you must focus on the work
you are doing; and, during these times,
I suggest that you turn your heart toward God; a
simple connection  will make your day go  smoothly!
“Hello God.”  “I love you, God.”  “Guide me, God.”  “Give me
strength, God.”   This communication, with The Creator
of All Things, takes very little time;  but indicates  you have
the heart, and the love necessary to make that connection,
as it is primary, for your well-being upon the Earth!
Walk-out into the world created by man,
holding the hand of God!





God SpeaksYou
have been
given the opportunity,
by being born upon the Earth,
to realize all that you can do, what
can actually be accomplished, when
the spirit that is you, motivates the
physical body that you wear.  You
have the opportunity to realize
that you, too, can create mir-
acles.   Do not confuse the
position of the physical
and  the  spiritual.
To see miracu-
lous things,
let the
that is you,
lead  The  Way,
and be  the fuel,  for
the body you wear. And
The Holy Spirit says:  You
are  there,  upon  the Earth.
Do  not  get confused,  or  dis-
tracted,  and put the body  in the
driver’s seat!  Let the spirit, that is
you, lead The Way, and motivate the
body you wear  to do great things;  be-
cause, the reality is you can do all things!
God SpeaksWinter falls during the coldest time of year, when
the days are shorter, darkness is all around you
for a longer period of time, or at least it is so
in the place upon Earth in which you live.
During the winter you are given the op-
portunity to be more introspective, more
contemplative.  Do not use this time of stillness,
of longer periods of night, to lament the lack of light.
Make the decision ~ to take the journey within ~ and once
you are within, create great light!  The wisdom, the strength,
the courage, and the love you find within, will illuminate
the periods of day, which are darker.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not lament
the lack of daylight
in the winter,
for this time
will pass.
Do not
let it pass
without using it
to its best advantage.
Sit in reflection,
seeking light, so you
might see The Way more clearly.
Use the season for opening the passageways within.
God SpeaksKnow, you are living a piece of your eternal life, right now!
Many of you reading these words, or hearing these words,
say you believe. in eternal life; but, you tend to think
eternal life begins when your physical body fails,
when you come to the time of your passing;
and, this is not true, eternal life is now!
You are living your eternal life now!
Do not let this portion of eternity
slip through your fingers, going
unnoticed, unattended.  Live
eternally, now!   And The
Holy Spirit says: Your life-
time is not limited to the lifetime
you are living upon Earth.  You were
created, to live forever, and you shall.  Your
life is not limited to the body you can see now.
You are walking upon the Earth as the seen, and
the unseen, child of God, and you shall live for-
ever; therefore, do not forsake living today.
Live eternally today.  You are the seen,
and the unseen, creation of God!