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   It is easy to look away from those who have fallen, who are down-
trodden, who have lost their way, and seem to slump and crawl to
make their way through every day.  Do not turn your head.  Bless
each one you encounter, for this blessing will wrap and enfold them,
and while they do not know who blessed them in such a way, they
will surely feel the blessing, as they make their way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Over two thousand years ago you were asked to: clothe the naked;
feed the hungry; give drink to the thirsty; visit those who are sick,
or are imprisoned; be kind and compassionate to those who
long for a tender touch or a smile.  Consider these words, as you
make your way through the gift of this day.

   There is pain associated with childbirth.  When a woman is unprepared
for the birthing experience, fearing the pain that will come, that is
what happens.  Pain comes.  When a woman is prepared for the birthing
experience, understanding the importance of mastering her breathing,
working with the contractions, feeling the rhythm of her body, and
allowing it to flow naturally within her, she engages with the process.
At that time she is an active participant.  She is not fighting the pain,
her trained body is moving toward the goal, to deliver a child into the
world, and with this intention, pain is greatly minimized.  She is not
focused on tolerating the pain, she is completely focused on delivering
her baby.  She is not a victim of the pain, she is actively moving through
the pain, doing what she has trained herself to do.  Fear maximizes the
pain.  Knowledge and participation minimize the pain.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   As you are upon Earth, you will sometimes encounter fear and pain.
This experience might be physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination
of all three.  When you are faced with a night of fear or a day of pain
do not allow yourself to be frozen in place, maximizing the fear and pain.
Call-out to God, and speak the name of God, and call forth the angels
of God to surround you, as you move through the pain, move through
the fear into the light of a new day, for no matter how dark the night,
there will always come the light of a new day.

   Every day holds something to celebrate.  Therefore, look, all
through the day, until you find that something to celebrate, and
then comes the surprise.  Once you find one thing to celebrate,
you find another, and another, until your day is filled with cause
for celebration.  Open the door to the gifts, to the signs, and you
will see The Way to celebration for every day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Even before you begin this day it is possible to find something
to celebrate.  If you sit numb, unable to find it, know that your life
is cause for celebration.  You have life, therefore you see another
day.  Celebrate life, your life, and the life of a grand new day.

   The busy world, created by man, the work-a-day world, approves
of pushing yourself to the limit, and often encourages pushing
yourself beyond.  Sometimes, the individual takes it upon themselves
to do the same.  The result is you feel drained and exhausted.
When you are tired, rest; for it is difficult to connect with Me when
you are weary, low, and down.  Rest, be still within your spirit,
and you will feel rejuvenated and made whole when you rise-up
rested and well-connected with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

  Do not push your body beyond the limit, even though others
around you might encourage you to do so, even though you might
encourage yourself to do so.  Resist this temptation, and maintain
a body that is well-rested, well-fed, and ready to rise-up and greet
each new day with joy.