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July 11, 2022



      There is a way, for you to: leave all your cares, concerns, and worries, behind you; breathe in, deeply, and release, and walk into the new day, in a state of joy.  How can I do this, you might ask?  With practice, I say.  Begin your practice in an easy way.  At the beginning of the day, give Me one worry, one concern.  Put it into My hands, and walk away, knowing, that I will clear this from you, because I will fill you with My Spirit, so in the filling, you will be fulfilled.  And in the fulfillment, of My love, and care, of you, that one worry turns into a bit of residue, of fear, or anger, or disappointment.  But you will find it, falling away from you, as dust.  And once you know, what I will do, then you will give me more, so that I might care for you.  And in My caring, your doubt will be erased.  And in the erasing of your doubt, you will believe.  And soon, your believing, will become the knowing, of My Ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It cannot hurt to try.  It cannot hurt to trust, a bit.  For when you take a step, into trying, you are moving, closer to trusting.  And then comes the second, and third, and fourth step, and the trying becomes doing.  And the doing, moves you closer to God, when the doing is to handover your worries.  Let The Hand of God embrace your worry.  And it will enfold the worry.  And in the enfolding of it, the truth will spring forth from it.  And when The Hand of God opens, all that remains is the pearl of wisdom, that you have gained.  It cannot hurt to try.