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November 11, 2021



      For the one, who is willing to practice patience, there is less remorse, less regret, less reason for forgiveness, or apology.  They free themselves, of these energies, because they were willing to practice patience.  Today, as you make your way, through work, or play, there will come many opportunities to be patient.  Be patient, when traffic is clogged-up, and forward progress is slow.  Be patient, with your children, when they run too fast, or walk too slow.  Be patient, with others, who express an opinion that might be different from yours.  Be quiet.  Be patient, and you will be at peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Practicing patience is an art.  You must be willing to do it to hold your temper, to be still, to be quiet, and observe what is happening around you.  For those who are patient, the atmosphere, the situation, might not always be clear.  But what is quite obvious, is that they are willing to be patient, with others, situations, and themselves.  And in this way, they are not shackled, with remorse, and regret.  There is no need to forgive, because judgment has not been made, at all.  Be patient.  Listen, and I will whisper the words to say, and they will bring peace to the day.