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      “I AM with you.  And, when you close your eyes, it is easier to feel My presence with you, because with the act of closing your eyes, you close the door to the material world, and there we are, together as one.  Close your eyes, and you will feel Me.  Close your eyes, and you will know Me better.  Close your eyes, and you will see Me, as I AM with you.


      “Today, let us think about the gifts.  And today, I AM not going to focus on just the gifts of Heaven, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit of God.  Let us address the gifts of Earth, as well.  And let us address the gifts of the material world, also. 

      “If it is possible for you to do, within your mind, create three quadrants, like three people, standing shoulder to shoulder.  Separate them a bit, and now you have three areas, three distinct areas.  Now, take the people out of the picture, totally, and hold your vision on those three empty quadrants.  Now, in the first quadrant, yes, way over there to the left, fill it with all the material things you can imagine, at this time: cars, boats, coats, clothes, trinkets, gadgets, houses.  Fill it up.  Now, in the middle quadrant, envision whatever pieces and parts of nature you prefer.  Let them come to life in that middle quadrant: trees, and rivers, and meadows, or hills, or deserts, and seas, and oceans, whatever you will.  Fill that middle quadrant with nature, the gifts of Earth.  Now, that leaves the third quadrant for the gifts of Heaven.  You can see the cars.  You can see the trees.  But can you see the energy of love?  Right now, at this moment, I would like for you to fill that third quadrant with love, flood it with light, pack it with compassion, and understanding, forgiveness.  Fill it with all The Gifts of The Holy Spirit that come into your head; but, put those gifts to action.  If you are thinking of love, see acts of love.  If you are thinking of peace, see peace created between two or more people.  If you are thinking forgiveness, let the act be simple, outstretched hands.  So, you have three quadrants of value, three quadrants that you believe are worth something.

       “The only things, in each of these quadrants, all of these quadrants, that can be equally experienced, by every human being upon Earth, come from the middle quadrant, and the heavenly quadrant, let us call it, The Gifts of Heaven, the unseen.  Every person, upon the Earth, cannot equally have the same car.  Every person, upon Earth, cannot share in what is created in the material world.  Isn’t that interesting (that) it is designed that way?  I believe, on Earth, it might be referred to as ‘those who have, and those who have not.’  And, your status, in the world created by man, in the material world, comes from how much you have, how much you have cost you to purchase, how shiny the baubles.  But this is not equal in any way, because it was never designed to be so. 

      “God created the Earth, and Mother Earth gives forth trees, and grasses, and flowers, and seeds which can be replanted, and replanted to sustain those of Earth.  These gifts, these natural gifts upon Earth are equal to everyone.  The rich and the poor can stand under the tree.  The rich and the poor can wade into the sea.  The rich and the poor can breathe-in the aroma of a flower.  It is for all because it comes from God, who loves all, in equal measure. 

      “And the heavenly quadrant, look at it and see.  Everyone of these gifts, love, compassion, understanding, all of these gifts that create peace, and kindness (they) are not determined by how much money you have.  The rich and the poor can know love equally, forgiveness equally, kindness equally.  These are the things of true value, these are the things of eternal value, because your first quadrant is going to crumble.  It does not take imagination, or much of it, to: envision the clothing, you stacked in the first quadrant, see it falling apart, moth-ridden; see the cars rusting; the houses falling into disrepair; see those who have not take the shiny baubles from those who have; see the frustration, and chaos, and confusion, created in the world, where it is not possible for everyone to experience the car, the house, the dress, the toys. 

      “So, I ask you, why do you struggle so to store-up these things, which have no eternal value, and seem to divide rather than unify?  Look at your quadrants during this day, because those things of value, those places where all can live in the love, and light, of God, in equal measure, in those places, you find peace, and happiness, and joy.  There is nothing wrong with the car.  But if you are filled with love, and peace, and joy, generosity, and kindness, then these things that you are creating within, these things of eternal value, will somehow enhance the car.  But the car will never enhance forgiveness, or compassion, or understanding.  Make straight your perspective on that which is of value.”



      When you long to know Me better, leave your houses, and buildings, and tents, and awnings, and go out to walk amongst the trees, through the grasses, next to the rivers and streams, because it is in these places that you will know Me.  Look up into the sky, see the blue.  Feel the sun, shining down on you, warming you.  Look up into the sky, even when the clouds promise the gift of rain.  And as it falls, I wash your face, and tears are gone, no longer remain.  Turn in a circle, and feel the breeze: wrapping you, moving you, touching you.  It fills you with life, the breath of life.  And as the breeze caresses you, it is easy to fall to your knees, and feel the Earth below you, as you lower your head, and I whisper, within you, “Child, I love you.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easier to know God in nature.  You can know God in a city, or a building of bricks, but it is easier to feel God, and know God better, when you are walking in God’s creation, when you look at wonder, when you look at majesty, when you see the waves of the ocean as they rise and fall, when you see the tops of the mountains touching the sky, and realize, wrapped in the love of God, that you are a piece of it all, God’s sacred creation.




      When you go out into the world, every day, you are an emissary, a representative: often times, of your country; many times, for your state, or the area from which you come.  You represent your family, your city, your school, the clubs you decide to join; all of these things you represent.  You represent your family.  You do not walk out into the world void, with nothing behind you.  There is a long pause, because not many of you are assigning the importance to be mindful of what you think, and say, and do, because you represent so much.  And the individuals you meet often form an attitude, or perceive something, about your country, your state, your school, your family, your clubs, by the things that you say and do.  You come from Me.  I AM your Eternal Parent.  You are a representative of The Kingdom of Heaven.  So, when you meet another person you have the opportunity to show them, with your words and deeds, a bit about Me.  You are representing Me.  Those you meet might come to know Me better through what you say and do.  Today, before you go out into the world, understand the importance of your presence in the world.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most of you do not often think, when you meet another person, or you go to school, or work, or play, that individuals you encounter make assumptions about your family, your friends, your schools, your countries, your belief system.  And they do this through how you represent your family, your country, your state, your city, and so on.  What you say and do leads others to a place where they feel: they know your family a bit more, through you; they know your country a bit more, through you; and, so on.  This is a big responsibility, and whether you want to accept it or not, it is there.  So today, accept your responsibility.  Take the opportunity to be a representative, and move into the world: letting people know God a bit better, through what you say and do; letting people know your country a bit better, through what you say and do; letting people know more about love, and forgiveness, and understanding, through what you say and do.  Today, be sure to assign the great importance: of all that you say and do; to your actions in the world.




      You will encounter days when the body, that was filled with energy, and song, and dance one day, is drained of that energy, the song is missing.  You feel depleted, in every way.  When this happens, My child, do not deny the depletion, the exhaustion, the missing song.  Sit quietly.  Rest.  Let your body rest.  Let your thoughts be still.  And in the quiet, and in the stillness, I will fill you, I will refuel you.  And soon, you will be singing, and dancing, and filled with energy again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you are upon the Earth energy can ebb and flow, as the ocean does.  A good way to keep it constant is to: rest; and eat well; and keep your thoughts on a high level; maintain your energy in a sacred way.  But sometimes, somedays, it will just happen that you feel low.  It is best to acknowledge how you feel and let go of any frustration, or judgment about “you should have done this, or that, or the other.”  Just sit quietly, take a nap, rest.  And this rest will be a restoration for you, if you will connect with God, and whisper, quietly, “I am tired, God.  What shall I do?”  And the answer will come, and soon you will be filled with energy, you will be renewed.




      The timing is not right to repair a frayed lamp cord when you are in the midst of an electrical fire.  The timing is not right to begin a lesson on the importance of “getting along with others,” when the schoolyard fight is already in progress.  The timing is not right to bring-up past wounds and injuries when there is a heated argument underway.  First, you must move to put-out the electrical fire, break-up the schoolyard fight, cease the argument, and restore peace.  The time, to repair, to mend, to break-up, to cease, comes before the outbreak.  And you might ask, “How do I know something will happen?  How do I know the things which I should check?”  And I say to you, be vigilant.  Just as you would check your house for frayed lamp cords, and such, check your relationships for frayed situations or emotions, things that have happened that have never been addressed, pushed under the rug, so to speak.  The time for mending the lamp cord, which is frayed, is before the electrical fire ensues. The time for teaching children about how to get along with others, is before the fights break-out.  And the time, for addressing past injuries, unresolved, unforgiven, is before the argument takes place.  Be vigilant, be watchful.  Forgive those things of the past that are bothering you, festering within you, growing larger within you.  The time to put out the fire is before the fire begins.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Make some time each day to sit alone, quietly, and pray, asking for guidance, being ready to follow The Way.  By doing this, you assure that you will not turn around one day, and find you are totally disconnected from The Creator.  Maintaining a connection with God, every day, is the surest way to stay connected.  You cannot become lost if you are holding the hand of God.  You cannot lose your way when The Holy Spirit is guiding you every day.  You cannot be riddled with doubt when you hear the whispers of Jesus, reminding you of who you are, and all that you can do.  Be vigilant.  Stay connected.  Watch-out for the frayed cords.  Renew the lessons you learned on the playgrounds within you.  And forgive the things of the past, so that you might walk into the new day, filled with promise, knowing your way is clear, because God is with you.





      In times of unrest, when turmoil flexes its muscles, disrupting all around you, do not think you are helpless and there is nothing you can do, because that is not true.  When unsteady times are with you, be still within you.  Be quiet.  Sit with Me, and I will guide thee to the truth with blessings of peace and grace, so that you might move through each day, loving those around you.  As you actively love those close to you, your family, your friends, this creation of love moves-out from your dwelling, from the place where you are.  The most productive thing you can do is be at peace within yourself and love those close to you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Times of strife and turmoil can impact you, in such a way, that your inner being is disturbed, twisted, anxious.  And the only way to relieve this tension, untie the knots of dissension, is through prayer, quietly connecting with God, calling Home Base for re-enforcements to move into you in a mighty way, and restore the peace that has been taken away.  Once you have restored peace to your inner being, open your arms, and love those close to you.




      I love you.  I love each one of you.  I love all of you in a very special way.  I love you powerfully.  I love you intentionally.  I love you eternally.  If you turn your head, and look from side to side, or even straight ahead of you, you will see others walking around you.  When you see another know you are looking at one whom I love, just as much as I love you.  Do not slam the door on the face of one I love.  Do not turn your head, ignoring one I love.  Do not deny your hand to one I love.  Begin to see each other as loved by Me. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be a bit tricky, when you look around and you see so many individuals, to introduce the thought, the truth, that each one is loved equally by God.  God does not place an exception, when it comes to love, it just flows from God.  The only way you feel less of it is if you are backing away from it, running away from it, turning away from it, denying, or rejecting it.  But it is there, just as the air around you.  It is there for all because God loves all.  Today, when you see someone remember, they are loved greatly by God, just as you are loved greatly by God.