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      Many individuals, their works, and masterpieces, ideas, and teachings, are revered and respected, today, but were shunned, ridiculed, ignored, or discredited, in their day.  They did not realize fame, or fortune, or were noted, by name.  And it was only, when the world was ready to embrace, the creation, the idea, did the fruits, of their labor, come to fruition.  This is the way it is for many, who say, “I will do it,” because, at the time, the world does not understand the project, does not realize the masterpiece, cannot comprehend the idea, the teaching.  Yet, this lack of faith, this doubt, does not stop the gift, the masterpiece, the teaching.  Therefore, when you are tempted to feel, that your mission, has failed, that you have failed, reject that idea, and continue to follow, as you are guided, as you are led, for that, which you bring to Earth, that masterpiece, you present, to those of Earth, will be acknowledged, in its time.  Therefore, you, who are filled with teachings of light and good, you, who are the creators of masterpieces, do not be dismayed.  Be happy to complete your work, and leave it in place, for it will become the treasure to those, who are seeking, in time.  And those, who are seeking, in time, will lift it up, for all to see.  Do not be tempted to seek adulation, applause, or high recognition, because then, it will become more of ego.  In quiet times, when you are led, to accomplish a goal, to carry-out a mission, rise-up, and, with steadfast faith, continue, for you are destined to be the bringer, the creator.  Once it is done, I will call you Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many individuals, whose masterpieces, ideas, and teachings, did not see success, in their day.  They were met with ridicule, and rejection.  Yet, because they were willing to do, as they were guided to do, to create, as they were guided to create, to teach as they were guided to teach, the masterpieces, and the teachings, and the names of the creators, are with you, today, are revered, today.  That, which is meant to be, shall be, when the time is right, when The Light is bright enough to see.




      As you rise-up, on this new day, do not be tempted to look away, already making your lists, and plans, of what you must do, and where you must go.  Do not do these things, before you come, and sit, quietly, and speak My name.  And I will tell thee, and prepare thee, for that which is to come to thee, this day.  For in all your planning, and in all your list-making, you cannot prepare for, that which you cannot see; but, I see, that which will come to thee.  And, if you sit quietly with Me, we will make preparations: so that you shall not thirst, or hunger, for justice, or compassion; so that you will feed others the food, that you long to taste, the drink, which will quench your thirst.  I will give thee all you need, so you might share with others in need.  In this way, there will be no lack of justice and compassion.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is always the temptation, as you rise-up, to rush into the day.  It could be many reasons: perhaps you slept too late; perhaps your bed was too comfortable to refuse.  But, upon arising, do not use these things, as an excuse, to rush into the day, before you pray.  Be still.  Sit, or stand, or kneel, and call: to see, what you will need this day; to ask, for guidance, all along The Way; to make it known, that it is more important, for you, to connect with Home, and know what you are to do, than to rush into the day, and meet challenge and surprise, possibly losing your way.  Be still, be quiet, as you welcome the day.





      When you are thankful, and grateful, for all that has been given unto you, including life itself, you are in balance with all creation.  When you sing, a song of thanksgiving, and gratitude, you are in harmony with My Great Creation, and it flows, around you, throughout your being, echoing the song you sing.  You breathe the air of Earth, as an eternal being, appreciating the experience of Earth, knowing Earth.  Living in this state: you do not have to experience lack to appreciate plenty; you do not have to experience illness to appreciate health; you do not have to experience evil to appreciate good; you do not have to experience hate to appreciate love; and, you do not have to experience the grip of darkness to appreciate the glory of the light.  Be still, and sit with Me, and I will teach thee, how to live, within all that is good, and of The Light, without suffering the experience of darkness and shadow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God speaks, and it is possible, for all beings of Earth, to hear The Word of God.  When you hear, The Word of God, it is possible to live, The Word of God.  When you live, The Word of God, it is possible to know, The Way of God.  And, when you know, The Way of God, it is possible for you to bless, all you encounter, with every step you take.  Be still, and listen.  Accept, and be grateful.  Breathe, and bless, with every breath you take, for you are inhaling God’s Great Creation, you are inhaling The Spirit of God, upon Earth. Rise-up, and live.




      I wish for you to know The Way.  I wish for you to be confident, with every step, because you know: you are on the right path; you are going The Way, you are meant to go.  But My child, seeking answers to where you should go, and what you should do, what you should think, even sometimes, these answers, will come, from those around you, but these are the answers, coming from those, who are often as confused, if not more confused than you.  Answers, coming from those, who are confused, or turned upside down, will not lead you the right way, they will send you wandering.  And even holding the answers, of those around you, you will still be seeking, another answer, some other answer, because the source, of your answer, was confusion, and chaos, and frustration, and worry.  If you will sit with Me, to begin every day, just sit, quietly, I will teach you, and show you, The Way, clearly.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you will begin each day, in quiet, sitting with God, you will feel My Spirit, growing within you, for I was sent to you, to each of you, so that you would know The Way.  I was sent to you, in such a way, that I would be within you.  And so, the answer, you receive, when you sit and pray, at the beginning of each day, is The Answer, specifically designed for you, for what you are meant to do, where you are meant to be.  And it will not be padded with jealousy, or frustration, or confusion.  It will be illuminated.  It will be The Wisdom of God.  And it will be coming, directly, from within you.




      You are first born of My Spirit.  When you travel to Earth, a robe of flesh is wrapped around your soul and spirit.  And this robe of flesh carries, the markers, and the characteristics, of who you are to be, upon Earth, even down to your physical attributes, talents, and skills.  Your spirit and soul carry The Gifts of Heaven, held within this robe of flesh.  But the robe of flesh is a temporary disguise, a uniform of Earth, an indicator that you are a human being, a being of Earth, for a while.  But, when it is time, for you to return Home, the robe of flesh is removed, revealing the soul and the spirit, bearing the markers, indicating that you are an eternal being, a citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven.  You are born of spirit, and you have been born of water and blood.  Your first birth, of spirit, comes from Above, and your second birth, of water and blood, comes from your physical, Earth experience.  Once you return to The Kingdom of Heaven, you are as the angels, and wear The Eternal Robe of Spirit.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be so concerned about what form you will be, when you return Home, or what happens, during the time of separation of the body, from (the) soul, and the spirit.  Be more interested in how you live your life upon Earth.  Do not squander your time upon Earth, because it is short-lived, and then you return to spirit.  During your lifetime, upon Earth, that, which you think, and say, and do, becomes a part of you.  In a meaningful way, they mark you, preparing for your return Home.  You carry your thoughts, the words you say, and the deeds you do, and these become the markers, the characteristics of who you were, upon Earth.  That which has been done cannot be undone; however, all that has been done can be blessed, stamped as a lesson, thus, becoming a blessing rather than a curse.  Begin now, preparing for the return journey.  Forgive what is in the past, and bless it, with the name of a lesson.  Forgive that which comes to you today, and with clearer vision, see the lesson, in every encounter.  Be vigilant, prepare, make ready, for it will soon be time to return Home.




      “I AM with you.  I reach-out to touch you, and to celebrate the gift of a new day, upon Earth, with you.  Look around, and take-in The Glory of God’s Creation, Earth.  See her, in all her glory.  With every leaf, and blade of grass, and flower of the meadow, she sings of The Glory of God.  She knows her Creator, and she knows she was created to be The Glory of God.  So, she continues God’s Great Creation, by giving and sustaining life, the life of Earth.  See yourself as such, continuing God’s Great Creation.  You are God’s Great Creation, and God loves you, more than you can possibly know, at the present time.                                        


      “In a thought, you were created by God.  You were created in the image and likeness of God, and God is Spirit, God is Love.  Your eternal life began, at the instant, of the creation, of your spirit, and your spirit shall live forever.  This is challenging to comprehend, while your spirit is confined, within the robe of flesh, that is your human body.  But it is, nonetheless, true.  When you return Home, you will not be wearing the uniform of Earth, which in some cases is well-worn, beaten-down, wounded, and worse for wear.  Your return Home will be The Return of The Spirit that you are, bearing all the markings, of your journey, upon Earth.  Your Earth experiences of love, hate, grief, fear, disappointment, shame, guilt, and every other memory of Earth, will bear witness to your time upon Earth, and from these moments, of despair or heroism, you will be crowned with The Wisdom of Heaven.  You cannot return with your favorite shoes, or coats, or cars, but you can return with the memories of what you did, of what you saw.  And these become the decorations of who you are, in Eternity.  Your Earth experience taught you lessons, which you will carry with you, forever.

      “When a child is born, the parents are usually the ones, who feed, and bathe, and dress the child.  But it does not take long, for the child, to reject the choices of the parent, wanting to make their own choices.  Sometimes, quite a battle is waged before it is resolved.  With the passing of time, the child ventures a bit farther from the parent, choosing friends, and clothing, studies, and sports, or other pastimes, on their own.  But still, when nighttime draws near, the child returns home to the parent, where there is food, and warm beds, baths, and clean clothing.

      “The child begins playing games, and soon these games become serious enough to be considered sports.  The child joins a team, and even wears the team uniform.  The child becomes a skilled participant in the sport, that once was only played for fun.  Each sport has its own uniform.  There is different clothing for soccer, baseball, track, and basketball.  And, after each game, the child returns home, with a uniform, usually dirty, and soiled, possibly tattered, or torn.  Yet, underneath the varying robes, of each sport, there is still the child, a tired child, a weary child, but still, a child.  And, upon return, that child is welcomed home with celebration, clean clothes, good food, and a warm bed.  They are home.

      “No matter how many sports you play, or other pastimes you explore, you do not carry torn uniforms, or broken equipment, with you, as you mature.  But you do carry the lessons you learned on the field of each endeavor.  And these lessons become markers of who you are, and all that you learned, on the playgrounds of your youth.  They are vital pieces of who you are.  And it is the same with your spirit body.  When you return Home, after participating in the worldly games of Earth, you will carry the lessons you learned, on the fields, of each endeavor.  And these lessons of Earth will become the markers of who you are, and all you learned, during your time upon Earth.  So, do not play, the games of Earth, in shadow and darkness.  Participate in life, upon Earth, and do so in The Light, and for The Glory of God, for we are all waiting, to welcome you Home, where you will be cleaned within The Presence of God, fed with the manna of Heaven, and your spirit will wear the robe of Home, once again.”




      My Hand will rest upon your shoulder: gently guiding you through obstacle strewn paths; holding you in place, thus avoiding boulders and cavalcades of debris.  When you sit with Me, begin your day with Me, we will talk, and you will come to know Me, My Voice, My Whisper, My Ways.  I will encourage you to do that which is meant for you to do, and I will teach you to avoid that which is meant for another to do.  I will inspire you to do great things, while explaining the pitfalls of treading pathways not meant for you.  And as we speak, you will come to understand The Gifts that are yours, more fully, and appreciate The Gifts that others carry, within them, with respect and honor.  In this way, all things shall be accomplished, in divine timing, in divine ways, through The Divine, flowing through each of you. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Listening to, and following, The Guidance of God, requires the practice of discernment of spirit.  You must know the source of the guidance, and you must be sure.  The only way to know, The Guidance of God, is: to know The Presence of God, with you; to recognize The Voice of God, so that The Whisper of God is familiar to the ears of your soul.  And, the only way, to accomplish this sacred relationship with God, is: to sit, often, with God; to spend the days, and the nights, with God; to speak, to God, seeking answers unknown to you.  You know the voice of those you love.  You are familiar with the ways of those you love.  You trust the guidance of those you love.  You place your faith in those you love.  And, when you come to know, and love, God, it will be the same.  You will recognize, The Voice of God, because you know, and love, God.  You will be familiar with, The Ways of God, because you know, and love, God.  You will trust, The Guidance of God, because you know, and love, God.  You will place your faith, in God, because you know, and love, God.  And, because you know, and love, God, the unfolding of The Divine Plan will take place within you, within each of you.