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      Today, I encourage you, to go just a bit farther, take another step forward, stretch, move, turn, and twist, engage.  Do this and you will feel healthier, you will be happier, you will be stronger, you will have more energy, and laughter will come quickly, because you will be conditioning.  I AM not addressing your physical health.  I AM suggesting you do this to increase your spiritual health and endurance.  Think on that.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day you will drive passed, or walk by, (or perhaps yourself will be engaged) people doing exercise, of all types.  They will be running.  They will be jogging.  They will be walking.  You might see people going into doors, which lead the way to a building, filled with those riding bicycles, stationary bicycles, swimming.  (You, yourself, might be engaged.)  It is true that, when you stretch your body, when you work out, when you walk just a bit farther than you did the day before, you are building strength and endurance.  When you are engaging in such physical activity, do not forget that the same applies to your spirit.  Your spirit does not grow, your spiritual life does not maintain a richness, and a quality, without exercise and practice.  Today, exercise your spiritual body.  Stretch it a bit farther.  See how deeply you are moved when you are in the state of prayer, speaking with God.  Exercise today.




      Every day is another page, in a chapter, in the book, that is your lifetime upon Earth.  As you begin this day, set in motion that which you wish to exhibit, to show, all through the day.  Be prepared to meet every challenge, every joy, every obstacle, every excitement, with confidence.  Let the writing on the page begin.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Welcome to this new day, a new beginning.  And during this day you will be given the opportunity to write of a great adventure that is yours, and how you have spent every minute, every hour, of this piece of the adventure that is yours.  God forth this day.  The page is turned.  The pen is in hand.  Let the writing begin.




      It is important for you to remember that: you do not merely walk into My creation; you do not casually wander through My creation; you do not just look at My creation.  Saying these things, believing these things, is good.  But today, I ask you to go one step further.  Begin to know that you are My creation.  There is no need for you to walk into it.  You are My creation.  Look at all that is around you.  And, as you touch the trees, and look at the beauty of the trees, and are amazed at the flight of the butterfly and the birds, the song of the streams and the rivers, the mighty oceans and towering mountains, speak to them as your “co-inhabiters” of all creation.  When you speak, pay attention to the words you say, so that your words do not hold you in a place, slightly aside of My creation, because, My child, you are all that you see.  You are in it.  You are of it.  You are of Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be an interesting adventure, when you set your goal to be of creation, all of it.  You are a part of it.  You are not simply observing it, touching it.  When you breathe, you are breathing the breath of God.  When you exhale, you are exhaling the breath of life, as it was breathed into you, you held it for a while, and then released it.  This breathing is a circle of life.  It is as simple as The Word of God, and in the beginning, there was The Word of God, and you were held, and continue to be held, within The Word of God, “Live.” And you live.  Ponder this circle of life, which includes you, not as a visitor, not as a watcher, but as a part of All That Is.



      I wish for you to become aware, on a deeper level, of the gift you have been given, free will.  And to help you draw closer to a better understanding of the power of free will, I want to give you a brief example, using you as the example, so that you might revisit times, in your life, when this example has happened to you, and remember all of the feelings that were associated with the choice, the free will.  You have a relationship with a co-worker, a family member, or friends.  And, in the course of this relationship, let us say with a co-worker, there is an accident, and without purpose to cause harm, something is broken.  It does not matter whether that which is broken is a cherished treasure of the other, or a trust.  You stand before your co-worker, having broken something of value.  When such a situation arises, you are hoping that the co-worker will forgive you.  Your first utterance, upon the breaking, is to say, “I am sorry.  Please forgive me.”  And then, you wait.  Will there be a tirade of anger, or open arms of forgiveness?”  Just by looking at this example, you remember, or recognize, the power of the tirade of anger, or the open arms of forgiveness.  Your co-worker has made a choice.  Your co-worker has used the gift of free will.  And their choice has an impact upon you.  That is as simple a representation as can be given, because each of you, My children, as stood before another, praying for forgiveness, not a tirade of anger.  And, in the memory, you might recall, the gratitude on your heart, when forgiveness was the choice, the free will choice of another.  This happens every day, many times a day you have the opportunity to make a free will choice.  You made an instant choice in that scenario, asking for forgiveness, “I am sorry. Please forgive me.”  So, no matter what the free will choice is of your co-worker, you have taken the step that you needed to take, in that situation.  The example today will not go any further, because I believe each of you, hearing these words, or reading these words today, will recall such a time.  And memory of this occurrence will spur you to begin paying attention to what is happening around you, and how the free will choice, that you make, and others make, impact(s) others, impact(s) you.  And so, it goes through the day, free will choice here and there.  Once you begin to notice the power of free will choice, the next step along The Way to illumination, is to make sure you are practiced in making the good choice, the choice of light, and love, and peace.  And let your choice impact others in a heavenly way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you go into this day, remember you have the power to deliver peace or to deliver isolation, condemnation.  Remember, as you move into the day, the power you hold within you, and make a determination, at the beginning of the day, that how you impact others will be: a blessing for them, rather than a curse; a loving for them, rather than rejection; inclusion for them, rather than exclusion.  Today, let your free will choice be The Way of God.




      When something goes wrong with your vehicle, and a flat tire, or an engine issue, leaves you stranded on the roadside, you call for help, and help arrives, to fix the tire, or check the engine.  When something goes wrong with an appliance in your home, or even with a utility problem in your home, you call for help, and help comes, and the appliance is fixed, along with the utility issue.  When you are sad, and feeling lonely, you call for help, and a friend talks to you, and shares their love for you, and all seems better. When you have something wonderful occur in your life, you call to share this good news, as well.  Call Me.  Call Me to fix the problems, to address the issues with you, for I will give you guidance, which will lead you directly to The Light, guidance which will not negatively impact the issue, or matter, or individual, but will show you The Way.  I will hold your hand, when you feel lonely, and I will dance with you, when all is well.  Talk to Me, for in our communication you will grow spiritually, and you will know what to do, as you walk along The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when you reach-out for help, the response, the reaction, to your call, might not be what you should do.  When you reach-out to a friend, and they commiserate with you, this really does not do anything to resolve the matter.  It makes the matter seem even bigger, even more complicated.  Before you call for help, call for The Help, The Guidance, The Direction.  Call God, and God will tell you exactly what to say, and exactly what to do.  Direction is at your disposal.  It is within you.  Call Home, and God will answer the phone.




      You have forgotten the peace of Home, The Dimension of Perfection, from which you traveled, to experience Earth, for a while.  You have an example of eternal life, that you see often around you, in nature.  The sun rises and sets, the moon rises and sets, and so it continues, in a circle.  The seasons come and go, bringing a taste of something different in the air to permit the flow; and seasons come, and seasons go, in a circle.  Take some time, away from clocks, and radios, and televisions, and loud voices saying do this, and do that, and walk amongst the trees.  Walk next to a river, and watch it flow. And as you watch it flow, you will begin to hear its song, as it moves through the banks, going forward, for it also moves in a circle: water flowing into the seas; going back up into the clouds; and then, falling back to Earth, as a blessing, a circle, a flow of water upon the Earth.  This gives you an idea so you might begin to remember eternity.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       An entire day can be altered: when you feel hurried, and rushed, and pushed; or, when you feel conflict; or, when you feel supported, in what you are doing.  There are many things that can influence, or impact, your day.  If you can manage to push these distraction away, you will begin to experience the day, as it unfolds for you, bringing you gifts, guiding you to that which you are meant to do.


      “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence with you, for it is true.  All that you have heard, and all that you have read, about oneness is true.  It is true that The Kingdom of God is within you.  It is true that I AM within you.  And while it might be difficult to comprehend, as you are in the material world, I assure you, it is true.  When you set yourself aside, in quiet and alone, there come to you flashes of memory, and glimpses of The Kingdom of God within you.  And at these times, you reach-out and grasp the thought that has come to you, to have it fade, and move from you, evading total comprehension.  But I assure you, it is true.                      


       “Today, I come to you to ask you to help Me, in a way, by being an example of what I would like to say, by being an active participant in the story I wish to relate, today.  And it has to do with eternity, eternal life.

       “For those of you who are listening to these words, I ask you to close your eyes.  And as you get accustomed to what plays-out within you, imagine that you are the only one upon Earth.  Imagine there is no clock, no deadline, no work schedule, not one thing around you to distract you from experiencing the eternal present with you.  And as you do this, you begin to realize that it is all the eternal present.  It is all with you.  Stretch your imagination to the place of seeing, with your eyes closed, it is all the eternal present.  And now you look around and realize you have a mission.  There is something God asked you to do before you left The Dimension of Perfection, you refer to as Heaven, and now you are upon the Earth to do it.  It does not matter what your mission is, but it is yours to do, and there are no clocks or timetables to which you must adhere.  You are there, in the eternal present, with a mission.

       “Let us say you mission is to plant a garden, The Garden of God.  And as you accept this mission: you find that your hand is filled with seeds; you find that every tool you need, to create a beautiful garden, comes to you.  As you think it, it comes to you.  And you proceed, at your own speed, in your own time, doing what you would like with The Garden of God, dedicating it as The Garden of God.  And so, you continue.  That is how it is meant to be, with no distractions stopping or hindering thee.  Think about what you could do, if you embraced that which God has given to you, and used it as your mission for The Glory of God, with no time limits, no restraints, no conflict, no worry.

       “Now, while your eyes are closed, and you are in this space, now imagine you are not the only one upon the Earth, but you are surrounded by a few people, who are only there to support you, you see them.  They are cheering you on.  They are saying wonderful things.  They are encouraging you to move forward and see what your garden brings.  While your eyes are closed, and you are in the garden, now imagine the only others around you are your detractors.  They are pointing.  They are telling you this, and that, and the other, and confusion sets-in, and confidence is gone.  And you sit, staring at a garden that seems to have no purpose, but to be trampled underfoot, by the dissenters.  Now, bring back, within your vision, the supporters.  Now, you have your supporters and your detractors, and it becomes a chaos that will not stop.  In fact, it is hard to figure-out who is the supporter, and who is the detractor, sometimes.  You have been distracted from the mission of creating a garden.

       “It is important for you to set yourself aside often, and return to that place, where it is you, being provided for by God, in a timeless situation, where you can make your contribution to the eternal present, without conflict.  For, if you remember, even in your imagination, when your eyes were closed, and you were alone, there was a sense, and a feeling, of confidence, trust, faith as you made your way.  Do not let the loud voices distract you any longer.  Let your focus be on what God has asked you to do.  Let your focus be on what you have asked God permission to do, because this is your Earth adventure.  It is yours, just as Mine was Mine, and you can be easily distracted, if you do not hold firm, and stay focused.  What you need will come to you.  If God has asked you to do, no matter what has been asked of you, that which you need will come to you, because it is God working from within you.  Have this faith, have this trust, and this faith and trust will provide confidence and courage.  And your garden will grow: and it will feed many; it will delight many.  And you will walk upon the Earth as a confident woman or man of God, listening only to The Whisper within, until that Whisper leads you Home.