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      My sons and daughters, Love is The Answer to every situation you will ever encounter.  Your Brother Jesus delivered these words, with clarity, about those you must Love.  And included in that group, was, “Love your enemy.”  The wise, and the mindful, have repeated these words over all of the years.  Love is The Answer.  But the solution falls on ears, which are covered with (the) hands, which refuse to hear.  It seems too simple.  You are looking for more complex answers, when The Answer is not complex, it is simple.  You have The Answer.  There is a reason why you should be filled with Love, why you should seek, first, all answers in Love, and it has to do with your well-being.  If you are filled with Love, then Love is the filter through which all, that you see, and hear, and feel, passes.  If that which you see is filtered with the Love within thee, your life is different than it is if your filter is anger, or hatred, or guilt, or shame, or anxiety.  Look at the world with eyes of Love, and your experience of Earth will be an experience filtered by Love.  It is that simple.  It is the truth.  Love will show you The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you encounter anger or you are tempted to be anxious, or fearful, pay attention.  Do not be enfolded, and wrapped, with anger, or anxiety, or fear.  It is at these times when you draw God nearer to you.  Trust, believe, that you are more powerful than all the anger, and the anxiety, and the fear, that is tempting you.  Let Love be that which you are creating within you, and do not open your eyes, or your hands, or your arms, or your heart, to anger, or hatred, or anxiety, or fear.  Refuse it.  When it knocks on your door, do not give it entrance.  Create Love within yourself.  Know it is The Answer, and act as if you know it is The Answer.  And as you build Love, as you create Love, as you believe that Love is The Answer, that which you see and hear, you will see and hear through the eyes of Love.  And your Earth experience will be of Love.  Choose wisely that which you use as a filter, that which you accept and create within yourself.  God has said, Love is The Answer.  God sent The Living Word to deliver The Answer.  Be amongst those who embrace The Answer, and let Love abide within you.



      Some days will come to you, and you will wish they would remain.  Some people will come to you, and you will wish that they would stay.  Some times will come to you, and you would wish that you could hold them in place, forever.  But creation is meant to flow, and days, and people, and times are meant to come and go.  It does not stand still, creation lives.  See it so, and bless and celebrate the coming and the going, as each is flowing with eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not attempt to hold a day in place, for the day will fade away.  Do not attempt to hold a person with you, for the time comes when they must go.  Do not attempt to hold an event, a certain time of history, in place, because it all comes and goes.  The only way to hold them within you is: to commit the day to your spirit; when it is time for that person to go, commit the love, and joy, and happiness, that was there, to your spirit; commit the glorious events in your life to your spirit.  These things you will carry with you, the memories, the commitment within your spirit.




      The spirits of darkness and shadow, often come, like thieves in the night, crashing through your door of slumber, invading your peace, planting seeds, within you, of worry, and doubt, and fear, and anxiety.  Endure these troubled nights no longer.  When you find you cannot sleep, and thoughts of, doubt, and worry, and fear, and guilt, and shame, invade your peaceful dreams, treat these spirits of darkness and shadow as if they are robbers in the night, thieves in the night, and cast them from your domain.  Do not permit them to remain with you.  If they are bringing baggage, that has to do with past situations, sit on the edge of your bed, and forgive what needs to be forgiven, including yourself.  Pay no attention to those words rolling around in your head.  Take charge of the situation.  Forgive that which needs forgiving, and clear your head of doubt, or shame, or anxiety, of any kind.  It is often said that, with the morning sun, with the light of a new day, the troubles of the night seem to fade away.  Well, I tell you, with The Light of My Glory, these things that invade your rest, will fade away, too.  Call My Name.  Speak to Me.  Bring The Light to the situation invading you, and illuminate the thieves in the night.  And they will run, and they will hide, and you will be at peace, once again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Nights spent tossing, and turning, worrying about this and that, are difficult, trying, and leave you weary, and worn-out.  One of the things you can do, a positive step you can take, is to rise to the occasion, and understand that all, that is invading your peace, are spirits of darkness, and shadow, robbing you, stealing your tranquility, and serenity, taking peace from you.  Cast them from you, and do not let it continue.  Bring The Light of God to the situation.  Do not continue tossing, and turning, thinking it will go away.  There comes a time for action.  Usually, it is forgiveness.  Often, it is to cast the worriers from you, and bring The Light of God to the center of that night of turmoil, and you will find peace.  The spirits, of darkness, and shadow, that invade your night, can be cast from you, outright, by speaking The Name of God, and holding The Light that doth flow to you.



      If you deliver a springtime bouquet of flowers to a friend, and the friend places the flowers on the table, and there, they are left, the flowers will wither.  If you carry fresh vegetables, from your garden, to a friend, and they place the vegetables on the table, and there, they are left, the vegetables will dry-up, or rot.  If you deliver a current, bestseller, to a friend, and they place the book, on the table, but it is never read, that which is held within the book is not known.  Just because your gifts are not recognized, are not valued, it does not mean the gift given was less.  Do not dismiss the gift, because the receiver does not value the gift.  Keep giving the gift because it is in giving that you are blessed.  Give no matter who receives the gift, no matter if they do not know what to do with the gift.  The gift, once given, is blessed, and the giver is twice blessed.  Ignorance does not diminish the gift.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not let another’s action, or reaction, keep you from doing that which you feel you are supposed to do.  Do not let another’s action, or reaction, alter the course, which is set for you.  Sail on, move with your course, and deliver the gifts, as you are called to do.  Leave the gifts and go on.  You have delivered what God asked you.  Move forward.  Yours is not to reason why they did not value the gift.  Your part is to deliver the gift.  So today, rise-up, and deliver the gifts, the heavenly gifts, which you are called upon to deliver, and do not concern yourself about how they are used, or misused.  Let the gifts be delivered.




      Every new day, which comes to you, is an opportunity for you to begin, again, to create, anew.  When it is time for you to create, be mindful of your thoughts as, as you think, you create.  These energies live, and move-out from you, and take-up residence, in the day that is new.  Let this day be filled with the best that can come from you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you are inclined to rise from your sleep, and run into the day, to begin either work or play, without taking the time to stop to pray: you are more likely to create thoughts, which could be a bit more elevated; you are more likely to say things, which, more likely, would be better eliminated; and, you are more likely to perform deeds, which are not of light, all the time.  But when you are mindful, and you know that you are in a new day, you tend to make it sacred, in every way, just because you took the time to stop and pray, before you did begin the new day.



      “I AM with you.  Hello.  How are you?  What do you want to do, today?  It is a new day.  What thoughts shall you create, today?  The new day is with you, and I AM with you, too.  Let us walk through this new day together.                                


      “If you are reading these words, or hearing these words, you are in a portion of a day that is new.  It could be beginning, or ending, for you, but still, you are in a day that is new.  And each new day, that comes to you, is an opportunity for you.  You have the opportunity to leave your mark on the day, to contribute to the day, the new day.  And it is the same with every new day, which is given to you.  And it is given to you so that you might continue the creation that God began, the creation that came from the hand of God; and you are to be a part of the creation story, not just living in it, but creating it.  But let us take a look at this new day.

       “As it is given, it is pure, ready to be filled with that which you create.  It is a day, that you are preparing to bury a loved one; or it is a day, that you are preparing to marry a loved one.  Yet, it is the same day.  It is a day, that you are beginning a course of study, schooling; or it is a day, that you complete your course of study, finish your schooling.  Yet, it is the same day.  It is a day, when you begin a new job, filled with enthusiasm; or it is a day, when you retire from a job you have held for years.  Yet, it is the same day.  It is a day, pure and pristine, unless you add to it, the baggage of unforgiven situations of the past; or it is a new day, when you forgive all that is past.  Yet, it is the same day.

       “While it might appear to you that everyone around you is experiencing this new day, in a relatively ‘same’ way, this is often not the case.  It could be a day of remembering, one who is no longer with you; or an anniversary, celebrating one who is with you.  It can be a day of many things, but you cannot know what all those around you are thinking, or remembering, or celebrating, or recalling, in any way.  These things, of the past, have a mark on the present day.  It is what each individual carries, within, as they march through the new day, and into another new day.

      “If you begin to look at the present, in this way, you will see it is more like a procession of individuals, making their way through the journey that is theirs.  And, while you do share the present time, it can be different for each of you.  So, set your course this week, to remember that.  Do not be so quick to judge, or find fault with, those around, who often can be an annoyance to you.  Remember they, too, are making their way, as best they can.  The memories might slow them down.  The happy celebration might quicken their step.  All of the thoughts they carry definitely have a profound impact on the day they see as new.

      “No matter what you carry, what you celebrate, what you remember, today is your opportunity to create, anew.  It might be a good idea to begin by creating forgiveness, for all that you carry from the past, so that you can free yourself, at last, and prepare to walk into a new day, and experience it, in a new way, free, forgiving all things, being compassionate to those moving around you, creating a sphere of love, an environment of light, a realm of peace.





      During tumultuous times, there will be many opportunities to engage in verbal combat with others, decrying their position, upholding your own, making judgments upon this one or that one; and, the exchange goes on.  These exchanges absolutely, never, resolve the issue at hand.  These exchanges do not calm the angry seas.  The wise refuse to enter this useless combat, resolving nothing, because each side is so caught-up in their own position, they cannot see.  Refuse verbal combat, and use your energies to do something which will resolve the issues at hand.  Quietly, call upon Me, so that I can fill you with heavenly wisdom.  Call upon Me, so My hand will move, and bless the land, and the people, touching their heart, which will soon be at peace.  Prayer can resolve what words of anger only ignite.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When there is verbal combat, an argument, between two, or more, people, it is a misuse of energy, because the issues at hand have roots, which began: sometimes, thousands of years ago; oftentimes, generations ago; and possibly even, months ago.  But realize you are arguing in the past, of the past, from the past.  If you wish your words to be seeds of promise for tomorrow, you must choose, wisely, that which you say, and let it be positive, in every way.  There is no need to point-out all that is wrong.  Say something positive.  Address that which has been done, which is good, and prepare the garden for the seeds of hope and promise, which will feed the children of tomorrow.